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Indie Saturday – Author Traci Hall on “Diary of a Bad Boy”

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Today, we have author Traci Hall featured on the blog’s ‘Indie Saturday‘ for her young adult coming-of-age novel “Diary of a Bad Boy” (Available on Amazon).  Everybody deserves a second chance, including fourteen-year-old Josh Grady who goes on a personal journey leading to forgiveness and redemption.

Author Traci Hall writes about ‘Diary of a Bad Boy’:

Diary of a Bad Boy is a story about a fourteen year old kid who makes a series of bad choices. Josh Grady hasn’t had an easy life, but is that any reason to steal his dad’s junker car, and talk his best friend into running away to California?

Probably not 🙂

In this novel, I created a character who is most definitely flawed. His outbursts are endearing, frustrating and all teenage-boy. Josh’s perceptions of things are skewed by the last few years of tragedy, and he resists all help by acting out whenever his emotions are threatened. The story begins with Josh stealing his dad’s old car, and smoking pot with his best friend, Brian, while driving to California. They get into an accident, and Brian ends up in a coma. Josh is given a chance that he doesn’t feel he deserves when he is sent to Shining Star Boy’s Ranch instead of juvie. He wishes he could trade places with Brian. His alcoholic father seems happy enough to deliver Josh into somebody else’s care. Josh resents the rules and the other boys, and continues to make the wrong choice. He is given a journal as part of his therapy, something he deems stupid. But in the end, he is able to write to his dead mother, allowing him to begin the healing process. Killed by a drunk driver, he views his mother’s death as the catalyst for everything wrong in his life. Once he forgives her for her ‘abandonment’ he is able to forgive himself.

One of the reasons for independently publishing this story is because traditional publishers shied away from the faith aspect of the book. I used a light hand, but faith is an integral part of these programs, and learning to release negativity, whether by religion, or individual practice, is an important step in self awareness.

Many, many years ago, my younger brother spent some time in a boy’s ranch. Diary of a Bad Boy is not based on his experiences, but the set up always intrigued me. We’re talking boys on the verge of being sent to jail, or too ‘bad’ for foster care, who don’t function well in a traditional format. What caused them to act out? In the end, can love, routine, and boundaries, all be combined to save them from a life of crime? Of misery? Maybe it takes a little bit of faith, too. And the people who dedicate themselves to helping these boys are crucial to their success – one person’s guidance can truly make a difference.

As a former teenage rebel, I firmly believe in second chances, lol.

I’m an active member of Florida Romance Writers, as well as a previous President of the organization. I write Medieval Paranormal Romances, Young Adult Paranormal, Coming of Age YA and Non-Fiction. Telling stories is something that makes me happy down to my toes. I detested being a teenager, since I wasn’t very good at it, so writing stories that have mostly happy endings is a great way to restructure my past!

Diary of a Bad Boy by Traci Hall is available at Amazon in Kindle format. You can check out her Amazon author page for a list of all her books (which also include paranormal and romance titles). Traci Hall’s books are also available at Barnes and Noble.

More info also available on her Facebook, Website and Twitter!


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Read an embedded sample of “Diary of a Bad Boy” after the jump!

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  1. Ederlen Ojeda
    January 21, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    I agree with you, Traci. Life is often tough enough. Do we really need unhappy endings in the books we read? We escape into stories and, I think, happy endings give treasured moments of respite from what is happening in our lives and, in a book such as yours, also inspire to keep going.


  2. January 22, 2012 at 5:34 am

    I admire your ability to write this kind of story. Hopefully it’ll be an inspiration to others who know people going through these difficulties.

  3. January 23, 2012 at 8:28 am

    I love the story idea, Traci.I think this book will resonate with teens all over, because they all probably know someone like Josh, rebelling against his life. Congrats on publication!

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