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New Kindle apps! Puzzle Games, Poker Solitaire and More!

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Here’s some new apps for the Kindle!

Gem Falls (A Puzzle Game for Kindle)‘ by Nickel Buddy is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $1.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Gem Falls is a pattern matching game for Kindle. Gems are dropped one at a time onto the board where they stack on top of each other You control which column the gem will land on. Once it has fallen, groups of 3 or more of the same type of gem will explode, shifting the pile and possibly creating more matches. Place the gems carefully to keep the pile from reaching the top, while at the same time planning for chain reactions to gain big bonus points.

There are 12 levels of difficulty, each with their own challenge. In addition to the gems, special items such as bombs, drills, and bricks add new and different challenges for each level.

Simple to learn, but challenging to master, Gem Falls is great gem matching fun for Kindle!


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And check out the other new Kindle apps after the jump!

Poker Squares (A Poker Solitaire Game for Kindle)‘ by Two Way Media is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $1.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Can you make a dozen killer poker hands in one game?

Poker Squares is a game that appeals to both Poker and Solitaire lovers. Make Poker hands in the 5 by 5 grid to amass your score. Play horizontally, vertically and diagonally as the cards are dealt to you.

Simple to pick up, Poker Squares will have you scoring from the start, but you’ll need to think ahead and work in all directions if you are to become a master.


Castle Dungeon (Adventure Role-Playing Game for Kindle)‘ by Golden Hammer Software is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $2.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Explore the depths of Castle Dungeon in this role-playing game adventure.

Use the controller to navigate through all 20 floors of the dungeon on your way to meet the guardian dragon. Find the best magical armor and weapons to become more powerful. Each game is a different adventure with a randomly-generated environment, monsters, and treasure.

Not enough health? Wear that Adamantium Helm of Constitution you just found. Having trouble hitting? Put more points into dexterity the next time you level up. You get to decide how to build your character to beat the skeletons, mummies, and ogres blocking your path.

Castle Dungeon is perfect for fans of classic dungeon crawling games.


Cut The Shapes (A Puzzle Game for Kindle)‘ by Grabarchuk Puzzles is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $2.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Cut the Shapes is a unique puzzle experience for Kindle.

The goal is simple: Cut the shapes into congruent (identical) parts. Puzzles are of increasing difficulty up to almost impossible (but always solvable).

240 hand-crafted puzzles are included and 3 game modes, Basic, Domino and Trio, offer variety. Need help? Cut the Shapes can give you a hint. You can keep track of your time with a counter, and you can pause that timer when you want to take a break. You earn stars for each puzzle completed, and Cut the Shapes will track your scores so you can track your progress.

A super puzzle for exercising your visual skills, Cut the Shapes is a great pastime for young and old alike.


LINGO (A Puzzle Game for Kindle Based on the TV Show)‘ by Route 1 Games is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $2.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

LINGO, the worldwide game show phenomenon has arrived. If you watch LINGO on TV and think you can do better, now is the time to prove it.

This official game includes:

– Over 250 word games for all the family, the same fun format you watch on TV
– Three full levels plus the Bonus LINGO round for hours and hours of game play
– 1 Player and 2 Player modes
– The 1 Player mode is perfect for brain training fun
– The exciting 2 Player mode allows you to challenge friends and family in a battle of wordy wits
– Hi-Score table records the 10 best performances
– Exit the game and save progress at any time. Resume whenever you like

Fantastic fun whether you play alone or with friends for hours of quality gaming. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy and unlike anything else on Kindle.


Spanish Anywhere (A Spanish Language Learning Tool for Kindle)‘ by AppAbove is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $5.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Learn Spanish and English at your fingertips anytime & anywhere in the world. Spanish Anywhere is perfect for travelers, students, business professionals, and anyone who wants to speak, read, study, pronounce, or translate Spanish & English.

Spanish Anywhere contains over 1,800 phrases and expressions for everyday situations and over 14,000 Words in the dictionary and reference sections. Use Flash Cards for vocabulary and phrases and quiz yourself on all the new phrases you’ve learned. 3 learning games, Word Scramble, Spelling Quiz, and Hangman, let you have a little fun while you learn. Not sure what tense to use? Use Complete Verb Conjugation for all Spanish and English tenses, indicative and subjunctive.

There are helpful phrases included for any scenario in the Situations and Reference sections. Topics include Greetings & Conversation, Food & Restaurant, Nightlife, Weather, Emergency, Travel, Hotel, Transportation, Shopping, Money, Family, Work & Office, Real Estate, Soccer, Cooking & Baking, Gardening, Measurements & Conversion, Hardware & Construction, and more.


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available! And if you want to see the apps as a bestseller list, check out the Bestsellers in Kindle Games & Active Content!

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