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(Video) Opening Scene of ‘The Woman in Black’

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Okay, that’s a real creepy opening scene… I’ve been wondering if I should watch the movie ‘The Woman in Black‘ now (it opened today) or wait until I’ve read the book it’s based on (The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story (Vintage) by Susan Hill).

Leaning towards watching now! (with a friend or two in tow of course… definitely won’t want to be sitting beside an empty seat!) Would be interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe as someone other than Potter too!

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Indie Saturday – Author Nina Cordoba on “Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies”

February 4, 2012 7 comments

Today, we have author Nina Cordoba featured on the blog’s ‘Indie Saturday‘ for her romantic comedy “Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies” (Available on Amazon). If you’re in the mood for a funny romance starring an anti-Bridget Jones type heroine, check this one out!

Author Nina Cordoba writes about ‘Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies’:

Since Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies was published, I’ve received a lot of “L.O.L.” messages from readers. But, in order to create a humorous story, the author has to start with a serious premise (or at least a premise that’s serious to the hero or heroine). In one of my favorite movies, There’s Something About Mary, Ted is a lonely bachelor because he can’t forget his first love. The show Bones has some of the most clever comedy lines on TV today, which the cast delivers while standing over the horrific remains of murder victims. And remember Wile E.? Every episode of The Road Runner Show revolved around that poor coyote’s desperate need for a meal.

As women, many of us have made choice after choice in our lives based on the love for and well-being of others. Then we wake up one morning and wonder what happened to the people we used to be. “Didn’t I used to play guitar?” “Wasn’t I planning to be CEO of my own company?” “What the hell am I wearing? Mom jeans?” Like the blood-sucking Chupacabra of Latin America, something has sneaked in and sucked out what we once were. Although if we had the chance to go back in time, we might make the same choices again (except maybe for the mom jeans), the fact that we unwittingly lost so much of ourselves while focusing on others over the years can be sobering.

So, in Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies, I bestowed this knowledge on L.A. TV reporter Abbie Greenwood from the get-go. She instinctively knows that if she follows her heart with Rick and his daughter, her entire being could be usurped by the expectations of living as a wife and full-time step-mom in an alien environment — the Houston suburbs.

I loved Bridget Jones’s Diary, and I’ve always thought of Abbie as the “anti-Bridget.” As desperately as Bridget chases the dream of a husband and family, Abbie runs away from it. Of course, there’s nowhere to hide, since she’s taken several weeks off from her job so she can dog-sit for her sister and re-evaluate her life. But a girl can’t focus on a rational plan for her future when there’s a hot cowboy-lawyer right across the street… melting her heart, heating her body, and (she’s certain) just waiting for the opportunity to suck out her soul.

“I was born a Mexi-glo, as my parents called it–half Mexican, half Anglo. I’ve taught English to adult students from all over the world. Their stories have been an inspiration to me. I started teaching ESL just before my mother died. I cried constantly for a year and the only time I could forget her tragic death was when I was teaching my classes. Then one night, after a lifetime of writing journalistic and marketing materials, I started writing a novel, then I wrote another and another.”

Ms Nina Cordoba studied Journalism at Louisiana State University and currently lives in Houston, Texas

Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies by Nina Cordoba is available at Amazon in Kindle format, and at B&N in a Nookbook format. You can check out her Amazon author page or her website (NinaCordoba.Com) for a list of all her books (also romantic comedies). Nina Cordoba’s novels are also available at Barnes and Noble.

More info also available on her Website and Twitter and Facebook! So, drop by and say hi to her!


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Read an embedded sample of “Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies” after the jump!

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