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New Kindle apps! Games and Reference, Language Tools!

Here’s some new apps for the Kindle!


NIM (A Strategy Puzzle game for Kindle)‘ by 0xcite is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $0.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

NIM is a strategy puzzle game in which you and Bobbie the robot take turns removing pearls from a heap.

During his turn, the player must remove one or more pearls from one single row of the playfield. The player who leaves one single pearl on the playfield for his opponent to take wins the round.

NIM features four classical patterns as well as random arrangments of pearls. The game has three difficutly levels, suitable for beginners to advanced players.

NIM is a perfect fit for people who like brainteasers and puzzles. Will you beat Bobbie with the difficulty set to hard?


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And check out the other new Kindle apps after the jump!

Kanji Learning Tool

Kanji Learning Tool (Kanji Learning Tool for Kindle)‘ by Juraj Mojzis is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $1.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Learn 225 most commonly used Japanese Kanji, their readings and vocabulary usage through flashcards, example sentences and interactive quizzes.

This active content is designed to help you learn and practice readings, meanings and usage of basic Japanese Kanji through their in-vocabulary usage. Each Kanji is presented through target vocabulary in the context of example sentences.

Features of include 225 Kanji flash cards explaining ON and KUN readings, almost 700 words to learn and three examples of usage in vocabulary for every Kanji. Katakana and hiragana tables are included to use as a study tool.

There are 10 types of tests:
– matching the Kanji and its ON/KUN readings
– matching the ON/KUN readings to Kanji
– matching ON reading and the Kanji
– matching the Kanji and ON reading
– matching KUN reading and the Kanji
– matching the Kanji and KUN reading
– matching vocabulary written in Kanji with its reading
– hiragana and katakana quiz

Begin learning the Japanese Kanji today!


Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day (A Quotation Reference Tool for Kindle)‘ by Svellsoft is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $1.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Svellsoft Quote of the day provides an interesting unique quote for every day of the year, allowing readers to tag favorites, browse through the quote library by category or search for a quote by author.

When you open up the program, you’re greeted with a daily quote from categories including time, beauty, marriage, family, history, crime and chance. After seeing your daily quote, go ahead and search the archive for a great quote to fit your mood.

Whether you’re looking for a daily quote to reflect on, searching for a great opening to a speech or toast, or just looking for inspiration, Quote of the Day is for you!


Ten Hints: Authors (A Trivia Game for Avid Readers on Kindle)‘ by Funostra is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $2.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Ten Hints: Authors is a trivia game for avid readers.

In this game your goal is to identify as many authors as you can based on the hints you get about the author’s biographies or their books.

Read a hint about the author, make your guess and type in the author’s last name. If you are still not sure, read another hint. Just keep in mind: the more hints you use, the less points you earn. As you type, the suggestion system makes it easy for you to enter the name. The questions and hints always show up at random, so no two games are the same.

Play for ten minutes and see how well you can do. Got a high score? Enter your name and pass your Kindle to a friend, see if anybody can beat your score!

Play by yourself for high scores, or read the hints out loud to friends and make a party trivia challenge out of it.

Enjoy Ten Hints: Authors today!



Catan (The Legendary Board Game for Kindle)‘ by USM is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $4.99. Just click here to download!

Game Description

Catan, the legendary board game, is now available on Kindle.

True to the original game by Klaus Teuber, you can compete with up to four players for the most settlements, the longest roads, or the largest army. You can trade with each other and claim the precious land with all its resources.

Play either via Pass ‘N Play multiplayer or challenge eight different Kindle-controlled Catanians, each with their own individual strategies. They will prove themselves worthy competitors: the pirate Jean, who knows no compromise; Vincent the merchant, who never allows himself to be cheated; Sean the knight, who takes what is rightfully his… Find out if you really are a secret colonialist, confront your rivals, and become Lord of Catan!

Simple controls, a comprehensive tutorial and the Catan Almanac for quick reference of the game’s rules make it easy to start playing, whether you’re a first-time or an experienced Catan player.

You can now play the board game millions play and love any way you take your Kindle.


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available! And if you want to see the apps as a bestseller list, check out the Bestsellers in Kindle Games & Active Content!

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