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Today’s FREE eBooks for Download: Four Mysteries from Kensington Books (Kobo Books)

So, have you been going through all the Kobo Books discount codes lately from my previous posts (Post 1 and Post 2)? Well, here’s some freebies from the publisher Kensington Books over on the Kobo Bookstore! (Thanks to @apesmom from MobileRead for finding these!)

The Grave Gourmet (Capucine Culinary Mysteries) by Alexander Campion

The Grave Gourmet (Capucine Culinary Mystery #1)‘ by Alexander Campion (Kensington Books) is available for FREE download on the Kobo Books site. Just click here to download.

Book Description

In Alexander Campion’s witty debut, chic Parisian policewoman Capucine LeTellier plunges into a uniquely Parisian affair of gastronomic delights and bureaucratic intrigue to close a case that could make her career–or kill it. . .
After dining on such delicacies as oyster sorbet and avocado soufflé, Jean-Louis Delage, président of automotive giant Renault, has been found dead in the freezer of Le Diapason, a restaurant owned by Chef Jean-Basille Labrousse, a renowned restaurateur extraordinaire.

Capucine is uniquely suited to the case, as her husband Alexandre is a food critic well-connected to the culinary world. In between sharing sumptuous meals and fine wine with Alexandre at some of Paris’ finest eateries, Capucine struggles to win the respect of her new squad of detectives and crack both the case and the guarded secrets of the restaurant staff.

From the Champs-Élysées to the twinkling banks of la Seine, The Grave Gourmet is a thrilling mystery gastronomique, combining the allure of the Parisian haute cuisine restaurant scene with corporate espionage and political scandal in a dish that is très magnifique!


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Check out the other freebies after the jump!

Death Tidies Up By Barbara Colley

Death Tidies Up (Charlotte LaRue Mystery #2) ‘ By Barbara Colley (Kensington Books) is available for FREE download on the Kobo Books site. Just click here to download.

Book Description

Between running her maid service (the successful Maid-for-a-Day) and fretting about her upcoming birthday (the dreaded 6-0), Charlotte LaRue doesn’t have much time for gossip. But New Orleans’s latest dust-up is hard to ignore–especially since it involves Marian Hebert, one of Charlotte’s new clients. Turns out Marian’s now-deceased husband once worked for his best friend Drew Bergeron’s real-estate agency–and when the business deal soured, so did the friendship. The whole sordid affair came to an unfortunate end when Drew died in a plane crash–and Bill Hebert was killed in what some people insist on calling an accident. Others are convinced it was murder.
Pretty juicy stuff, right? Charlotte doesn’t think so. She’s trying her best to forget all the rumors–she has more important things to worry about these days. Like vacuuming, window-washing. . .and her new job at the old Devilier house. The gorgeous historic home is being transformed into luxury apartments, and Maid-for-a-Day is in charge of the cleanup. Should be easy enough, Charlotte thinks–until she finds a barely-cold corpse in one of the closets.

The police are sure the dead man is Drew Bergeron. Funny, considering Drew supposedly died years ago–and Charlotte distinctly remembers attending his funeral. Talk about messy. Suddenly all that gossip about the Heberts and Bergerons seems incredibly timely–and Charlotte wishes she’d listened just a little bit closer. . .

With old rivalries flaring–and past secrets suddenly back in the present–Charlotte has a feeling this job will involve some real dirty work. Good thing she has a knack for cleaning up crimes. . .


Wiped Out by Barbara Colley

Wiped Out (Charlotte LaRue Mystery #4)‘ by Barbara Colley (Kensington Books) is available for FREE download on the Kobo Books site. Just click here to download.

Book Description

Running Maid for a Day keeps Charlotte La Rue plenty busy. But her latest job involves more than dusting and mopping. She’s got to contend with a feuding gardening club–and things certainly aren’t coming up roses. . .
The summer’s off to a sweltering start, and one of her best clients has just up and moved–leaving a big chunk of free time in Charlotte’s normally hectic schedule. But the empty spot on Charlotte’s client list is soon filled by gardening enthusiast Mimi Adams. Mimi’s planning to host the next meeting of the tony Horticultural Heritage Society–and she wants Charlotte to be there.

Charlotte’s not sure what to expect. Some gardening chat, sure; lots of good gossip, definitely–but these ladies have their claws out. There’s talk of extra-marital affairs (did Mimi really sleep with her friend Rita’s husband?) and a bitter argument over the club’s presidential election (Mimi won–but was it rigged?) A few days later, Mimi’s dead. The doctor says she was poisoned. But who planted it, and where? Was it in the bitter brownies Mimi munched at the meeting? Or in the red wine she sipped later? From Mimi’s resentful “friends” and neighbors to her scheming husband, Charlotte has a whole plot full of suspects to weed through. . .so she’d better start digging. . .


The Exile (Ryan Kealey #4) by Andrew Britton

The Exile (Ryan Kealey #4)‘ by Andrew Britton (Kensington Books) is available for FREE download on the Kobo Books site. Just click here to download.

Book Description

With intricate plotting and spine tingling action, The Exile propels us deep into the heart of a terrifying conspiracy rooted in one of the world’s most unstable regions–a place where the political has become brutally personal. . .
For the President of the United States, the daily horror of life in West Darfur, Sudan’s anarchic killing fields, just hit heartbreakingly close to home. His beloved niece Lily, a nurse caring for refugees in the most war-torn region, has been targeted and savagely murdered by a corps of Janjaweed, fearsome government-backed militiamen.

The rash and vicious killing is a clear provocation, but any response will seriously destabilize the already-teetering region and threaten the security of the entire world. With the situation too explosive for diplomatic or military solutions, yet with the President and the public thirsting for revenge, America is out of options. Except one: Ryan Kealey.

Kealey, ex-Special Forces, former CIA, unrivaled counterterrorism expert, has been central to the war on terror for over a decade. But he’s finished trying to save the world. After the Agency hung him out to dry–and let his lover die–it was easy for him to turn his back. They had nothing he wanted. Until now. For the government has revealed its trump card, the one thing Kealey will risk everything for.

Once back in the fold, Kealey’s pursuit of Lily’s killers unearths secrets and betrayals that shock even his war-tempered sensibilities and leave him with no-one to trust. On the lawless streets of Sudan, and at the highest levels of the American government, shadowy forces ignite a conflagration with unknowable global consequences.

Brimming with intrigue and danger, The Exile pulses with high-stakes gamble after gamble, as one man navigates a tenuous web of international relations that could collapse at any moment. . .


Enjoy the freebies!

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