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‘5 Questions’ with Lexi Revellian!

5 Questions

Today I’m thrilled to welcome indie author Lexi Revellian to the blog as part of the ‘5 Questions’ with authors series!

If you are an author who would like to participate in the series, fill out the questionnaire here! And if you are a reader who wants to suggest an author for the series, just send me an email!


Describe your book ‘Replica‘ in ten words or less

Replicated Beth is hunted by MI5 through icy London streets

Where or how did you come up with the idea for your story?

I broke my shoulder and couldn’t bike or drive to work. For an hour each day, I walked in bitter weather, wondering what it would be like to be out there with no identity, home, friends or money – and to be pursued by Government agents. And supposing one of the spec ops got romantically involved with the original? How would this make him feel about hunting her replica?

What was your favorite part to write and why?

My favourite part to write was the bit where Beth Two, originally meek and a bit of a doormat, finally gets angry. With everything going wrong for her, she smashes up the new Jaguar belonging to Sir Peter Ellis, MI5 chief, outside his swish Kensington house.

Do you have a day job? If yes, tell us about it and how did that affect your writing / publishing process?

I am a jeweller and silversmith.

That’s helped in two ways; firstly, while doing big commissions, I’ve had access to places most don’t, like Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament, and met famous and powerful people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. This can come in handy for background in a novel.

Secondly, because I’m self-employed, I’m used to making decisions and doing things for myself. I don’t find self-publishing as daunting as some writers do.

Tell us about an upcoming book or project you’re excited about

Aha, my next novel. I never talk about them until they are nearly finished.

Bonus Question! Fill in the blank: If you like ___, you’ll probably like my book too!

If you like feel good page-turners, you’ll probably like my books.

Thanks again for stopping by, Lexi! You can learn more about Lexi at her website (www.lexirevellian.com) and Twitter: @LexiRevellian. Lexi also blogs at http://lexirevellian.blogspot.com.

Replica is available on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback formats. You may also visit Lexi’s Amazon Author’s page to check out her other books!

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