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Indie Saturday – Author Ty Hutchinson on his Darby Stansfield Thriller Series

Today, we have author Ty Hutchinson featured on the blog’s ‘Indie Saturday‘ for his Darby Stansfield Thriller Series. The series – described as “Tarantino meets The Office with a splash of romance” – is currently available as a bundled set (featuring CHOP SUEY, STROGANOV, LOCO MOCO plus a bonus novella THE ST. PETERSBURG CONFESSIONS).

Ty Hutchinson writes about the birth of his character Darby Stansfield

People always ask how I came up with Darby Stansfield.

I should have a brilliant answer but I don’t. I actually thought up the plot first. I thought it would be funny if a telecom company targeted criminal organizations and sold them wireless business solutions. If their product could help organizations like McDonalds or Apple, why not organizations like the Mafia or the Yakuza? From there the story unfolded.

How could a company do this? Why would a company do this? That was my first hurdle.

I quickly realized it would have nothing to do with the company. This would be the doing of one individual. Someone who felt the cards was stacked against him. If this person really wanted success, he would have to get creative and try something different.

What if the company had working for them a desperate salesperson that go’s rogue? That’s pretty much how Darby was born.

I knew he couldn’t be like others; he had to be different. He had to approach problems with unlikely solutions. Deciding to take on a criminal isn’t normal. It was important that Darby not be normal, like most people. His brain was wired differently. He’s not a criminal himself. He means well. He’s kind of a screw up, though. He’s like Larry David but with an edge. It’s probably why he’s polarizing for some. You either love him or you hate him. Some people have asked me if I’m Darby. The answer is yes and no. There are elements of myself in Darby, but I’m not really like him in real life. I would need bigger balls to be him.

Once I had those two elements in place it was just a matter of telling the story and that’s exactly what I did. I really filled in the story as I wrote. It was as if someone were sitting next to me asking, “And then what happened?” That could be the reason why my chapters are so short or it could be because of my background in advertising. All those years of telling a story in thirty seconds might have handicapped me. Who knows? I like short chapters, though. It makes me feel like the story is moving along.

With that said, it’s probably time I move along. Thanks for listening.

My name is Ty Hutchinson. Most days I’m a writer in the ad business. My work has appeared in all the major advertising award shows and reported on in publications like Advertising Age, Creativity, Communication Arts and Archive.

While advertising is a blast, I wanted to tell stories that were bigger. I’ve since created the Darby Stansfield thrillers and a few other pager turners. I’m in the midst of creating a new thriller series featuring one feisty woman. You can visit my blog at tyhutchinson.wordpress.com for the latest on my books and what’s going on in my head.

When I’m not building brands or writing thrillers, you’ll find me traveling the world, playing video games, eating, reading, and exploring SF’s Chinatown.

Darby Stansfield Thriller Series (Books 1-3 & Bonus Novella) by Ty Hutchinson is available at Amazon in Kindle format.

You can also check out Ty’s Amazon Author’s page for more info about his other books!

To learn more about Ty, follow  Ty on his website/blog: http://tyhutchinson.wordpress.com/, Facebook page: tyhutchinson.author and Twitter: @latersbra. Read excerpts from his books on his Scribd.Com page! Drop by and say hi!


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Read an embedded sample of “Darby Stansfield Thriller Series” after the jump!

Chop Suey


Loco Moco

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