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KoboBooks.com Discount Codes #Kobo

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Okay, I got a good response last time I posted this, so here’s an updated list of coupon codes for use in the Kobo Books store! Note that these codes are good for one use per account, and can only be applied for non-agency books (HarperCollins, etc etc do NOT honor these codes!). So, it’s a bit of a trial and error to see which books will honor the codes.

50% off Coupon

45% off Coupons

  • c4auto45
  • ac4auto45

40% off Coupons

  • thankyou40
  • c4auto40

35% off Coupons

  • ac3auto35
  • 56b6c435
  • c2auto35
  • c3auto35
  • c4auto35

30% off Coupons

  • c1auto30

25% off Coupons

  • survey25
  • c1auto25
  • c2auto25
  • 1x2530ca2
  • 1x2561ca2
  • 1x2590us
  • 1x2530us
  • 2x25180us

20% off Coupons

  • Welcome20
  • save20offer

*If you own a Kobo, be sure to bookmark this post on the MobileRead forum since they do keep up with the active codes here religiously!


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