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Indie Saturday – Author Corey Guerra on “The Dragon’s Eye”

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Today, we have author Corey Guerra featured on the blog’s ‘Indie Saturday‘ for his fantasy novel The Dragon’s Eye.

“The story takes place in the land of Fael-wen, a land with humans, elves, magic, and of course, dragons. Hundreds of years ago, during The Great War, The Dragon’s Eye was used to help rid the land of evil. Believed to be lost, The Dragon’s Eye has since become legend.”

Corey Guerra writes on how he wrote his book:

It all started in a bar.

It’s amazing how a story forms for a writer. If you polled writers I’m sure you’d find a vast amount of answers as to how their book was formed, or what was their starting point. For some it could have been a character they wanted to see develop, or it may have been a theme they wanted to get across to the reader. For me it was two characters in a bar.

I grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons as a kid and many of our quests always started in a bar when someone would approach our characters and ask us if we wanted to go on a quest. It just seemed like a natural place to start. So when I was in high school and wanted to write my own book, it was where I started my book; two characters in a bar who are suddenly thrust into the story. It’s amazing how much of that has changed.

I have always been driven by snippets when I write. When I have I line a character says, or the detailed action of a sword fight, or how a person feels at a certain point in the story I want to try to incorporate that into the book any way I can. I feel that many times those small scenes are what people remember the most about a book. No one remembers every detail of The Hobbit, but there a certain scenes and lines that everyone knows. When I wrote The Dragon’s Eye I wanted to include as many memorable lines or scenes as I could.

This of course can prove to be problematic as I found out. If you try to force a line or plot point that doesn’t fit you end up with a crappy story. I think this is what took me so long to write my first book. I became attached to certain items I wanted to include, and like a square peg in a round hole, I tried to squeeze it in to no avail. It was once I took a step back to see the whole picture that it became easier.

In The Dragon’s Eye, the main protagonist is Makayla, a druid who discovers she is more important that she could have ever imagined. What really drives the story is how she evolves and copes with her newfound destiny. The way the other characters and the setting weaves with her is what makes the story so fun. Then it became easier to have some of my scenes and lines into the story without taking away from the overall theme of the book.

Corey Guerra was born in Milford Massachusetts in 1977. He has been an avid fan of fantasy and medieval fiction all his life. He began writing the basis for what became The Dragon’s Eye back in 2001. After building the continent of Fael-wen and it’s rich history, his first book was born.

The Dragon’s Eye by Corey Guerra is available on Amazon in Kindle format.

You can also check out Corey Guerra’s Amazon Author’s page for more info!

To learn more about Corey, follow Cory on his official website/blog: thedragonseye and Facebook: The-Dragons-Eye. Drop by and say hi!


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