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‘5 Questions’ Interview With Jon Davis! @JDavis_Avatar

5 Questions

Today I’m thrilled to welcome indie author Jon Davis to the blog as part of the ‘5 Questions’ with authors interview series!

If you are an author who would like to participate in the series, fill out the questionnaire here! And if you are a reader who wants to suggest an author for the series, just send me an email!

Legacy (Age Of Power) by Jon Davis

Describe your book Legacy (Age Of Power) in ten words or less

Legacy: Super humans rise up in the face of an apocalypse.

Where or how did you come up with the idea for your story?

This series is the result of years of being a fan of the superhero/villain genre. I created the first stories as homemade comic books between myself and friends.

Much of the story plotting comes from those earlier ideas and develops from there, applying the real world of human beings and how they have handled emergencies and the legacies from those events in their lives.

It also brings into it real world events, places, items, in political, religious, and social structure as we know them today.

Which of your characters (in this book) is closest to your heart and why?

Oddly enough, it was Alex Shaw [a secondary character] who is my favorite character. Much of his world is a tragedy waiting to happen. In the end of his part in the book, he is the one who chooses to respond to his “end,” by helping others.

Whether the legacy he’s left is one of choice or accident remains an unknown, but it is what his life has been that led him to his final decisions which makes him the hero in the book.

And in that decision he leaves a choice for others to follow. A choice that, whether they are the lead character or support, is in response to his active choices. All others are in reaction to his action, even the main character, Vaughn Hagen.

Do you have a day job? If yes, tell us about it and how did that affect your writing / publishing process?

Yes, but I won’t go into details except to say that it’s on the weekends, and thus leaves me time to write on the weekdays.

However, while it leaves me time to write, it sadly leaves me little time to push my book in person at such functions like conventions or book conferences. And it does have the effect of working two jobs. That can have a tiring effect.

Tell us about an upcoming book or project you’re excited about

Well, actually there are two projects I’m working on at the moment.

Book 2 of the Age of Power is called Rodina. And this is the continuation of Vaughn Hagen’s life after he has become a known force in the world. In some ways he is the Lance Armstrong of the super hero world. Some love him, others hate him. And he is still dealing with the fallout of speaking truth to power.

But because of his actions, he is also the one people go to as an “expert” in his culture, whether he is or not remains to be seen. (One might go to Lance Armstrong for the best way to win a marathon bike race, but should one ask him about the best bike to ride?). And he is also the one that others in the shadows of the neo-culture of the Empowered fear. In this, Vaughn is a known quantity. Now he has to deal with being known, and how to stop the rise of those who love the power, but hate the responsibility that comes with it. I’m intending to publish this in 2013.

The other project is a modern day fantasy I’ve always wanted to write for the sheer fun of it. Essentially it is a holiday fantasy from Christmas to Halloween and the histories of both as the main character sees the dangers the holidays are in. This is still in formation and will likely not be published until Christmas 2013.

Bonus Question! Fill in the blank: If you like ___, you’ll probably like my book too!

If you like super hero books such as what Marvel and DC have published, or such indie books like “Wearing the Cape” series by Marion G Harmon then yes, you’ll probably like my book as well.

Thanks again for stopping by, Jon Davis! You can learn more about the author via his website/blog: Age of Power and Twitter: @JDavis_Avatar.

 Legacy (Age Of Power) is available on Amazon (Kindle).

Check out Jon Davis’s Amazon author page for more info!

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