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Kindle App Weekly Deal! Jewels (A Game for Kindle) is $0.99!

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Okay, it’s a new discounted app under Amazon’s Kindle App Weekly Deal promo!

Jewels (Weekly Deal! A Game for Kindle) by by Mobigloo

Jewels (Weekly Deal! A Game for Kindle)‘ by by Mobigloo is available on the Amazon Kindle site for $0.99 only. Just click here to download and save $1.00!

Game Description

On Sale Through 11/15/12

Jewels is a matching game which will put your planning and pattern recognition skills to the test.

The rules of Jewels are simple: you swap adjacent jewels (horizontally or vertically) to create combinations of three or more jewels of the same type. Once matched, the jewels are removed and the remaining jewels above it slide down to take their place. The challenge comes when there are few potential matches to find, and you must pick your next move carefully or risk eliminating remaining matches when the jewels shift down. Consider playing the timed mode where you race against a relentlessly decreasing timer and each successful match adds just a bit of time back to the clock.

If you cannot find a match, use the Hint feature to show you the next move. The game keeps track of your ten best scores for both Easy and Timed modes, so you can see just how much the pressure of the timer affects your performance!

If planning and pattern matching appeal to you, then you will love Jewels!


Be sure to check out Amazon’s Popular Kindle Games & Active Content page for a review of all the games available! And if you want to see the apps as a bestseller list, check out the Bestsellers in Kindle Games & Active Content!

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Indie Saturday – Authors Bill & Katie Frederick on “The Kite Surprise”

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Today, we have authors Bill & Katie Frederick featured on the blog’s ‘Indie Saturday‘ for their illustrated children’s book “The Kite Surprise

Bill & Katie Frederick write:

Thank you to RandomizeME. It is such a treat (as I write this on Halloween) to let your loyal followers know who we are and to tell about The Kite Surprise.

Our message: Read to kids every day. Take them to the library, let them choose books; discuss the books; help them develop their love of reading. It’s the best gift we can give to youngsters!

It all started on the beach!

Bill relays the inspiration behind this story:

“Some years ago, I attended a mental health workshop on hypnotherapy. Those attending were asked to recall a forgotten memory while we were in trance. My recollection was of watching a kite contest with friends while on a trip along the Atlantic shore at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This trip was definitely something I had not thought of for a long while. As I‘ve retold the story, I often heard that it would make a nice a book for kids. That book thought was in the back of my mind for a long time.”

With immense encouragement along the way, we finally put pen to paper and developed the story — together. Some 20 plus years later, The Kite Surprise was created.

The Kite Surprise is at schools in Iowa and Indiana, daycare centers, libraries, and a mental health advocacy center for children of abuse and neglect. The mental health group and school teachers provided input to develop a discussion guide for parents and professionals.

Many readers have offered moving stories and the reactions about The Kite Surprise from little ones who’ve heard it. Check it out. We love to hear from readers.

About  The Kite Surprise:

“Miss Celia Belle Addison enjoys everything, from big to little, but she is particularly captivated with Ansel, her big brother.

When she learns the family will be taking a day trip to the Atlantic shore, Celia Belle is beside herself thinking about the big adventure with sand, sun and kites!

The story begins as Celia Belle introduces herself and immediately says that Ansel has a knack for flying kites.

She expresses numerous emotions — exuberance, excitement, flabbergasted, even a little nervous and scared. Celia Belle tells a long tale with a curious tail in this high-flying picture book that shows pre and beginning readers there is a time to hold on and a time to let go.”

About the Authors:

Bill and I have been married for 30 years. Our daughter and son-in-law have two of the most adorable little girls anyone could imagine; our son and daughter-in-law live with 2 fur balls cats.

We have started our second children’s book emanating from mutual story telling sessions with youngsters. We are working on E-Books for parenting and self-help genres.

  • From Bill:

I have a private mental health practice in Indiana and I use entertaining stories when I work with clients. I often present at state mental health conferences on the use of stories in therapy and quality of care in therapy. I’ve worked extensively with children and families including teaching parenting classes for over 20 years. My blog focuses on current issues in mental health.

  • From Katie:

For over 20 years, I’ve worked in executive nonprofit positions, including gigs at public television, United Way, and a community business incubator for start-up companies. I currently work with small business, start-up groups and corporate clients on business development planning, research, communications, and ghost blogging. I LOVE what I do. No two days are the same!

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Bill and Katie Frederick’s The Kite Surprise is online in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.
Download the discussion guide or purchase hardback book at


Do you want to be a featured ‘Indie Saturday’ author too? Go here for more info!

Read an embedded sample of “The Kite Surprise” after the jump!

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