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Following Directions

November 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Have you seen the National Geographic show ‘Brain Games‘? Well, one episode I’ve seen was a battle of the sexes where boyfriends/girlfriends were tested on certain tasks, and the conclusions were:

a) Women can see more shades of color than men
b) Men were stronger when it came to Spacial Reasoning
c) Women had better Memory for Faces
d) Women Follow Directions Well (*the men were next to useless)
e) Men can Pack the Trunk of a Car Faster

The task I found super funny was the one on following directions. They were both given a long list of funny tasks, and told that the winner was the one who completed it first. Well, ALL the men jumped right into doing the tasks without reading all the directions first. Most of the women read the tasks through first, and were rewarded for that. I was chuckling along, but I realized that I would’ve jumped right in like the other men though. (More competitive than what’s good for me)

I try to be better at following directions now though. I am forever scarred by an exam I took before where I did not take note of the direction to check the back of the pages. In other words, I only answered the questions printed on the front! It was a miracle I passed (since I didn’t answer 40% of the exam)….

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