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Baby Steps to Becoming a Financially Responsible Adult

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s never going to be the right time – but now sounds about right. So, to start things off, I took a short online quiz on ‘what kind of investor I am’ (link HERE if you want to take the test yourself)

I (the financial me, that is) am best described as:

  1. I do not currently need this investment to supplement my income, however this could change over the next few years. (10 points)
  2. All of my investments to date have been in time deposits and bonds because I need the security of capital. (0 points)
  3. Current knowledge of investments – Low: I know something about investments, but do not have an in-depth knowledge. (10 points)
  4. My investment goals – Income and growth: I want my investments to produce a fairly steady stream of income and to grow without major declines in value. (20 points)
  5. My attitude towards the level of risk or volatility – In general, I would feel most comfortable with investments that tend to generate a more stable return year-to-year, as opposed to those that fluctuate widely in value. (10 points)
  6. My comfort level should the value of my investments fluctuate – Moderate: I could tolerate a modest decline, from 5 to 10%, in the value of my investments, provided that I receive a positive long-term return. (20 points)

Total: 70 Points

My investor profile: Score: 40+
Investor Category: Aggresive/High Growth
Risk Level: High

Apparently, I am “willing to take the risks necessary to achieve potentially above-average long-term growth in your portfolio. You accept that the total value of your portfolio may decline substantially from time to time.”

I am shocked, shocked! Because never in a million years would I have imagined myself as someone suited to be an “aggressive” investor. But my reasoning when taking the short quiz was that: since I don’t need the investment right now, it’s okay for me if the investment’s value will fluctuate, as long as the return in the long-term (for me, 10 years from now?) is in the positive side.

So, step 2 for me (I think) should be to learn some more about what kind of investments are out there (I only am really familiar with savings account,  time deposit and life insurance right now).

You know, before actually doing some “risky” investments (given my apparently “aggressive” nature- har har)

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