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Lurkers, time to de-lurk! I value all comments – good or bad – so every post on this blog has a comment box that you can use to share your thoughts with me and other readers. Or if you prefer to make suggestions for my blog in private, you can write it out below, and it will be sent to my e-mail. Or if you’d like me to write a review about your book or music or whatever, hit me up too!

I value your privacy, so when you comment, you may choose to use either your real name (not recommended) or an alias (preferred). Valid email addresses are requested but will not be posted and/or disclosed to others. (I also promise not to spam you!) Valid urls to active blogs and/or websites belonging to the commenter are also requested and the username (actual name or alias) will be linked to them. This way, I (and other readers) can check back on your own (fabulous) blog and return the favor! 🙂

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