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Happy Halloween! (Trying to collect… Cameos from the American Idols!)

November 1, 2010 4 comments

Hey, hey, hey – taking a break to greet everyone who have their freak out on for Halloween!

Mind helping me out? I’m trying to collect all the photos that the Idols (and their dearests) send out of themselves in their Halloween finest. So far, Kris (& Katy) Allen have been mighty obliging, but I’m drawing a blank with a lot of idols. (Update: Adam Lambert’s pals – esp Lee Cherry! –  have obliged us with group pics at least ;)) If you’ve got a link for more photos for the idols, please leave a comment with the link, k?

Check out the hilarious photos we have so far!

Adam Lambert from this Halloween Posted using a glamtastic glamoween reunion!! :)) @tommyjoeratliff @adamla... on Twitpic
Photo by Lee Cherry
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Stalkerazzi on the Job – Adam Lambert (and a bit of Kris Allen)

June 6, 2009 4 comments

Because we all watch – we protest and say – ooh, poor Adam – but we all watch just the same.

ETA : Opening a new post on Stalkerazzi stuff since it now takes forever to save this page! Click here for Stalkerazzi Part 2!

* Print/Web media collection (constantly updated!) is found here while all new stuff for the album/tour is found here. A collection of video media is in this post. The collection of video media for Kris and Adam’s NY blitz (and beyond) is here.
** Moving all new posts on Adam Lambert at Young Hollywood Awards here.

Articles/ Tweets/ Media links that touch on rumor-mongering/ private life/ stalkerazzi follow:

Kris on the cover of his hometown magazine

Take this with a (huge) grain of salt, but Kim Allen is supposed to have given this interview (published in some newsletter/website, but no link). It’s plenty amusing, and most of it rings true, but there’s stuff in it that seems made up. Example: – I just can’t imagine Adam saying this and not only being so grammatically incorrect, but also applying hyperbole on himself – but that’s just me.

About halfway through the season, Adam approached Kim and told her, “You know, me and your boy are going to be the final two standing.” Kim asked Adam how he could be so sure. Adam answered, “Because I’m a singing freak of nature and he’s the only true musician.”

Posters/Ads for Adam in NYC – features RS cover + new album/tour ad (click on thumbnail to expand, photo thanks to ontd_ai)

Okay, take this with a grain of salt, but a poster at TWOP is claiming that there will be an Adam/Allison duet on Allison’s album

“This might be of interest to you. I have a friend who has a son in LA who has a recording studio and he claims that Adam and Allison were there recording together a couple of weeks ago – for Allison’s new album.”

Hmm – even Katy Allen is getting interviewed! Exclusive Chat! Katy Allen, wife of American Idol Kris Allen

For a night out to dinner with Kris I might wear… A flirty dress and flats or boots (I hardly wear heels around him because I don’t like to feel taller).
When I shop for Kris, I generally buy… Nothing! He has a stylist that does MUCH better than me! : ) Kris is actually really picky so it’s hard to shop for him.

Photo of Adam with fan at the Adele concert

Here’s a picture inside the Portland Stadium (taken by AI drummer – aaron spears)

So, that Walmart Exclusive American Idol Season 8 Album is out. Mel (from IDF) took a photo of the booklet groupshot:

And Adam’s Thank yous:

Behind the Scenes at Idol: Dorian, Michael, Rickey and the Band, Ken, Bruce, Debbie, Lindsay, Mavis, Mezhgan, and Gina, for all your expertise and support. Thank you Tears for Fears and Gary Jules for your beautiful recordings of Mad World. Thanks to Brad for the amazing production on our version. Thank you Kara & Eman for the amazing recording session magic on NO BOUNDARIES. Thank you to my family and friends who’ve kept me grounded throughout this journey. Thank you to the incredible fans who have shown me so much light and love. It was all of you who made this dream come true. I’m eternally grateful.

Adam is shopping at Monarchy

New Adam picture with fans

Adam changed his twitter name … to his real name! lol –

just changed from “therealglambert” to my actual name tell ur friends 🙂
gettin ready for the idols live tour!

The Glambert finally graces us with a new tweet:

adele and chaka kahn were incredible at hollywood bowl last night!

Definitely in the studio … from Jesse Rogg

doing voodoo with Adam Lambert in the studio… gonna be HOT!

From Sam Sparro

Adele + Chaka Kahn were amazing last night at the Hollywood Bowl. Met Kanye too – he was really nice. back in the studio with Adam today

More Access Hollywood videos to come apparently – from Nancy O’Dell

Have so much of Adam Lambert interview which didn’t make air still.Thought I’d start giving u more here.Tell all Glamberts u know to expect!

Looks like Adam took the opportunity to network a bit with Adele – from Bearez Hilton

The husbear just had an Adam lambert AND Adele encounter at the smoking area

Maybe this is why that other audience member called Adam a diva – from joni yung

adam lambert + friends seated in @hollywoodbowl right by our terrace box, but were soon escorted away… probably to better seats. darn.

More people spying Adam – Aaron Reyes

I just saw adam lambert at the adele concert DJ A. Ron

More twitter stalking – from Jesus Gogo – LOL – so I guess he’s not a fan …

adam lambert is at the adele show and he is a DIVA!

Kris humoring a kradam fan (I think) – from his tweet

@hereitgoes1 we will see about the headphone splitters. You never know

Kris tweets! – for a newbie, he’s better at it than Adam!

Workin on a killa song right now. It’s the hot diggity

Twitter recording news for Kris – from Dan Omelio

going in on a track for Kris Allen then a session for Westlife/Jesse McCartey with Denny and B Lo case you aint know soooooo.

Adam Lambert & Kris Allen: They Want to Record Together!

“I do not have a boyfriend,” he said when I ask about the much-speculated-about relationship he has with interior designer and artist Drake LaBry. “I know everybody wants to know but that is the one area that I kind of want to keep out of the press: my personal love life, especially out of respect to the other person.”
But then, a few minutes later, Lambert looked at me and said, “OK, let me set the record straight with you on the boyfriend thing—Yes, Drake and I are dating. You can say that.”

Adam & Kris with fan

More twitter stalking – Ragan Fox

saw Adam Lambert last night at St. Felix (sp?). I ♥ WeHo.

Another b-day party – from Ferras’ Twitter

Had a fab eve with taylor. Then arrived to a surprise with Adam Lamby and multiple fab friends for my bday. My cupcakes had “f’s” on them!

Take this with a grain of salt – Grace Young’s Twitter

quasi-celebrity sighting in LA at stk: Adam Lambert, on a cute gaydate. Wanted to ruffle his ridiculously spiky hair.

Looks like we can expect another Kradam interview – from THE DAILY TEN Twitter – NO! Don’t be accessible as David Cook! Visit if you don’t believe me!

Just got done interviewing Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, the cutest bromance you will ever see!
@therealGlambert and @KrisAllen4Real gave us a msg for their FANS!
@therealGlambert and @KrisAllen4real say “Tell them we are so excited to see our fans on tour & MEET THEM!…”
@therealGlambert and @KrisAllen4real “They will be able to meet us after the show, so come around and meet us by our tour busses!”

More evidence on Adam having the most awesome family EVER – What Is It About Adam Lambert? by Allegra Huston (Adam’s step mom posted in the comment section)

Allegra, as you already know, I’m Adam’s “stepmom” (his dad and I are long term life partners, is there a politically correct word for how Adam and I are related?) and have expressed your “crush” on Adam to me in the past. So, I thought I’d come clean here: on the first night when Adam sang Satisfaction, his mom and I watched the show at some friend’s of mine house together. Leila and I both were screaming and stomping our shoes on the floor (waking my friends), completely enthralled with his performance. We had watched him in the studio live that afternoon, we had both seem him perform numerous times before, but now we were watching it on the DVR like the rest of America, rewinding and rewinding and screaming like ninnies. Okay, we were a little tipsy since I had insisted we drink champagne after the show, but we were quite literally crazy about Adam in that teen magazine way. Not because we love him as family (we do), but because we love what he can do. We love how he can make us feel like letting go, like his music could set us free. He makes everyone feel like he gives us permission to be ourselves. Or maybe we just have weird incestuous crushes.
By Amy Wallen on 06/03/2009 12:34 pm

Adam and Kris have an interview now with Ryan Seacrest

Tweet from Jesse Rogg

had brilliant session with Adam Lambert last night

Cool – we can expect a bunch of new interviews today – from Dish of Salt’s Twitter

Just got Adam! He is the best. Answered all your twitter questions. Will get it up on later today!
the tour is set up like last year.
I’ll be doing interviews at rehearsals with Idol top ten for their tour

From Sam Sparro’s Twitter

Waiting at the studio for Adam lambert. Working on stuff for his lp. Should be a blast 😉

Update from HBIC himself – therealGlambert

On my way to songwriting session w the brilliant Sam Sparro!!

Thought this was an interesting quote from Tom O’Neil (he’s an author who writes about the showbiz industry) – from

Industry regards Adam as a sky-high superstar right now.

Pity – Glee rumor just a rumor – according to Kristin (E- online)

Fox reps tell us that talk of Lambert on Glee is “not true” and “strictly rumor”

Some candid shots of Adam (same day as the Yahoo interview judging from the plaid shirt) – click on thumbnails to expand

Not about Adam/Kris, but just wanted to post this little confirmation that Allison is working with Teresa LaBarbera Whites – lucky Allison! – from gennessee (songwriter/producer)

I had a great Meet and Greet with her in the Sony/BMG building on Santa Monica. She is the coolest teenager ever! Her deep, soulful voice reminds me of Janis Joplin, and I am really looking forward to cutting a few records for her debut album. Teresa LaBarbera Whites, who discovered Beyonce and signed Destiny’s Child, has to be the sweetest sincere PERSON I’ve encountered in a long while. She is top A and R on the project, and was very welcoming.

HBIC tweets –

just a quick shout-out to fans: ya’ll are the best! thank you for all ur positive energy and support no matter what. id be nuttin w/o you
more rumor mill control: i dont own even one dvd copy of twilight. i dont recite lines from the film. i liked the book better.

Well, that Glee actor did tweet about Adam a few days ago… now from Perez Hilton’s Twitter

Exclusive to U: sources tell me Adam Lambert has just filmed a cameo for “Glee”, set to air this fall.

Top 4 in rehearsal today – from Aaron Spears’ Twitter (AI drummer)

Today we have Danny, Kris, Alison and Adam…It’s been great so far…

We can look forward to another Adam interview – from Joshua Miller’s twitter

Just finished my interview with Adam Lambert. He is amazing for taking the time out to do it! What an awesome friend!

Adam via Twitter addressing an issue I didn’t even know about 😉

more rumor mill control: I have never thought about getting permanent eye makeup tattoo’d on… OUCH! 🙂 The tabloids are HILARIOUS

Ken Baker confirms Adam on E! News tonight

We had an exclusive interview with Adam Lambert inside the recording studio on Friday. Airs tonight on E! News.

Paps catch Kris and Katy leaving his birthday dinner … (why didn’t anyone catch Adam at Alisan’s concert???)

And in more twitter stalking (of Kris this time) – Kris is enjoying a birthday free day – c/o Deborah Stoll’s Twitter

I don’t think it gets any more L.A. than eating dinner next to Kris Allen on his birthday.

Adam working on his music today … And David Hodges has his finger in 3 pies called Adam, Kris and Allison! From his Twitter:

Writing with Mitch Allan and Adam lambert today. And the rock shall ensue.
just finished writing a song with allison iraheta and mitch and bassett. it was the awesome. must…stop…writing…must…sleep
Started a great song this morning with Eman, Jess, and Kris Allen. Can’t wait to finish it next week.

Well, Adam is apparently at Kris’ b-day party … From Michael Sarver’s twitter:

Good times and yes Adam is here. Most of us are good times. Kris is now 24. Woohoo.

… and Gokey is Adam’s friend. Okay then! I still think #gokeyisadouche though 😉 but seriously, it’s good that we’ve heard from the two of them. So maybe, no more fan wars … From Adam’s twitter:

@dannygokey and I have not ever and do not have any drama. We are friends. Chill out w all the gossip kiddies!

Hmmm, wonder what prompted this tweet from the Gokey? the #gokeyisadouch maybe? but why so delayed?

Hey u all there has never been any drama between @therealglambert We have always fully respected each other. Relax!!

Well, Adam just revealed where he’ll be at 8 pm tonight (nice plug for his friends too)

I’m seeing her and Tye Taylor perform tonight at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City at 8pm!!!!!

Twitter stalking! From Jessica Thomas’ Twitter:

Sitting next to Adam Lambert in a robe at the Sofitel Spa…can we say interesting!

Oh wow, is anyone actually going to buy this $84.99 American Idol Adam Lambert 6×4-Foot Wall Graphic???

Hey Idol Fans! Add some WOW to your walls with this limited Adam Lambert wall graphic. Just peel and place on any wall or smooth surface. The low-tack adhesive stays on when you want it on, and easily peels off when you want to remove or reposition it. This life-size 6×4 ft sheet includes five individually form-cut graphics.

Adam remembers he’s on twitter

“…can’t wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.”

Hmmm – very interesting that Adam was with RedOne and Alisan Porter in the studio – are they rushing a “real” first single? – from Alisan’s twitter (Alisan Porter Project)

Well I was supposed to get my nails done…but somehow I ended up in the studio with red and @therealglambert!!! Way better.

Twitter stalking! Adam at Studio C and via Kevin McHale’s twitter

Adam lambert just joined the fun at the studio! Ahh who’s next?

Looks like we have another interview to look forward to! – from Kristina Guerrero’s Twitter (E-News)

In hair and makeup. Getting ready for an interview with Adam Lambert!
Adam Lambert is really too freakin sweet– there, I said it!!

Adam Lambert’s statement on the old/new songs:

“Back in 2005 when I was a struggling artist, I was hired as a studio singer to lend my vocals to tracks written by someone else. I was broke at the time and this was my chance to make a few bucks, so I jumped at the opportunity to record for my first time in a professional studio. The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on. I’m thrilled to be working with some of today’s hottest songwriters and producers and can’t wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.”

I’m thinking that Adam recorded “Want” as a demo or something (he was a session singer in LA right?) since the song “Want” is essentially this song “December” (Dublin Jones – sang as a duet) as heard on Wilshire Records’ player page.
From Alex Castino’s Twitter (an Independent Rock N Roll Videographer & Editor):

: shooting video of Adam Lambert tonite in the studio

Perez Hilton,Ryan Seacrest and just broke this “people taking advantage of Adam’s new found fame” news … HI-Fi recordings/Wilshire Records is releasing an ENTIRE ALBUM (called “On With the Show”) of songs Adam co-wrote and recorded back in 2007/2008 … WTF? Are they allowed to do this RCA??? And they have a single out too, called “Want” – Unfortunately, althought the song isn’t that BAD, the lyrics are so freakin’ vapid & repetitive AND the song is lacking in personality (which is probably why it has been languishing in the dungeons of unknown songs all these time …); On the plus side, this shows that Adam is capable of co-writing a catchy hook … Take a listen …

Track list for the ‘American Idol’ Season 8 album here! OMG – Why is Adam’s No Boundaries on that list???
This is so cute! Katy (Kris’ wife) had a crush on Adam! Wow – this is kinda like a fan fiction come to life!

GROOVE BURBANK, Calif. (AP) Some guys get all hot and bothered and not in a good way if they hear a gay guy has a crush on them. But Kris Allen isn’t like most guys and not just because he won this year’s “American Idol.” He says he wasn’t bothered that runner-up Adam Lambert said he thought he was hot and had a crush on him when they roomed together during the show. Allen was asked about Lambert’s comments in an article where he let himself out of what essentially was a glass closet, acknowledging that he’s gay. Allen says he thought the idea of Lambert having a crush on him was “so funny,” though he says he “never had a problem” with having a gay roommate during the show. Kris says he and Adam are “really good friends.” As for his wife having a problem with Adam, Kris says his wife told him let Adam know “that she had a crush on him.”

Hmmm – looks like there will be a CD coming out for the American Idol Season 8 Finalists – American Idol Season 8 (Walmart Exclusive) which ships 06/30/2009

Adam Lambert Is a Huge Fan of ‘Twilight’

“Adam and his boyfriend Drake LaBry, were overheard reciting lines from the film to each other while vacationing at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara,”

Official statement from ONTD_AI re: #gokeyisadouche – yeah, I got that it wasn’t an Adam thing, it was a reaction to the homophobia
We may be getting some more tour rehearsal footage soon – from Laura Saltman’s Twitter (AH Dish of Salt)

At the rehearsals for Idol Tour. I know all the songs now but won’t ruin the surprise. You’ll be happy though if you bought tickets.
airing soon but not sure when. ill let you know

Okay – this has nothing to do with Adam Lambert – but whoa at the news about David Archuleta’s dad – David Archuleta Appreciates “Support” After Dad’s Arrest With Prostitute
Oooh (or Yikes)! MTV picked the twitter thing up! – Danny Gokey Detractors Take Their Fight To Twitter, Google

Pictures and comments from the Facebook page of ‘American Idol’ finalist’s cousin cause a stir online.

From twitter – the idols are staying at Le Parc Hotel – cool place!

How a Photo of Adam ‘The Ferosh Hulk’ Lambert Ignited a Gokey-Hating Revolution – hmm, wonder if this’ll get picked up by media?
Livejournal Community Briefly Hijacks Twitter To Hate on Danny Gokey: #gokeyisadouche
Hmmm … was wondering why “#gokeyisadouche” is the #2 trending topic on twitter (behind #iranelection), seems to be an ONTD reaction to Danny Gokey’s cousins and uncle being homophobes… Guess they deserve the hate coming their way…
Here’s the scan of Adam on People Magazine’s ‘Best Bachelors’ – click on thumbnail to expand – Why didn’t they shoot a new picture of him (like David last year???)

Ultra-short preview for Adam’s Access Hollywood interview with Nancy O’Dell:

New interview to look forward to – from Lyndsey Parker’s twitter (YahooMusic reporter)

What an amazing Idolicious week. Just did great David Cook interview, and…TOMORROW I INTERVIEW ADAM LAMBERT & KRIS ALLEN! Omigod!

Adam definitely has a new photoshoot – from Starworks twitter

yesterday @carlosncharge was on set all day w/ Adam Lambert for a photo shoot n L.A. for one of @starworks many magazines, we represent.

‘Idol’ Top 10 Live Chats: Adam Lambert

When asked about what it’s like to see you perform live, Kris referred to you as “mind-blowing”. How would you describe Kris?
Adam Lambert: Hmm… tranquil… and I’m trying to think of the right word… and heartfelt.
Do you ever feel like the media blew your “crush” on Kris out of proportion? You just said that the guy was cute. It’s not like you’re doodling his name on your notebook.
Adam Lambert: Yeah, I think that’s kind of how the rpess works. They tend to sensationalize every little thing you say, and repeat it and repeat it. Sometimes, it’s like the game of telephone… what you say gets exaggerated and changed. But I find it all very funny and I’m not upset by that at all. That’s just the way it goes.
does it bother you that everyone made your sexuality such a big deal?
Adam Lambert: It doesn’t bother me. I’m sure that it’s interesting to people, but I do think that we should focus more on the music, because ultimately my sexual preference really doesn’t have anything to do with me as an entertainer.
In an interview you said you didn’t get along with one person, who was that?
Adam Lambert: I did say that? I’m not going to say, because that wouldn’t be very nice.
Adam, have you ever thought about publishing your pre-idol poetry?
Adam Lambert: No, but that’s an interesting idea. Maybe I should consider it.
Adam, what was your favorite moment with the other idols, not shown on camera?
Adam Lambert: I had some great talks about life with… I remember there was one night in particular after a performance night, where Kris, Lil, Anoop and I just kind of sat downstairs in the mansion and just talked about life, and I renjoyed that. I like discussions about things and sharing feelings about the way things are, and that was really memorable.
Are you in an exclusive relationship right now?
Adam Lambert: No. I am dating.

Picture from tour of Matt/Danny/Kris @ Matt Giraud’s twitter
PEOPLE’s Hottest Bachelors List (Sexy & Single Men of ’09) – Adam is #4 and someone needs to tell People Magazine that Adam didn’t win … ETA: they’ve corrected it on-line, but check out the thumbnail below to see screen-cap of original write-up!

Hmmm – maybe Adam will be on Teen Vogue? on set as in “photoshoot”? – From Carlos E. Lopez’s twitter (editor of Teen Vogue)

On set with Adam Lambert. We just realized we met a year n half ago, under un-ordinary circumstances. Great guy and quick 2 the punch.

From Parade Magazine – pretty good Q&A – Adam Lambert: ‘This Whole Experience Is Liberating’

On comments made by Perez Hilton about keeping his sexuality unconfirmed.
“I heard a little bit about it. I think he might have a crush on me. That’s what it feels like…I don’t have a crush on him!”
Rumors that he’s working with Lady Gaga’s producer, RedOne.
“I can say that is true. We have been writing the past couple days and I think we’re going to come out with some amazing tunes. I’m going to have my own sound but I do love Lady Gaga. I’m a huge fan.”
Preparing for his debut album.
“I have been doing a lot of writing, actually. It’s been really exciting. I think something that people can expect from the album is that, lyrically, everything that I’m singing about is true to my life. That’s important to me, its something I can connect to personally. I think this is the album that’s going to be fun and exciting and sexy and also going to have positive hopeful messages.”

New interview to look forward to – via Nancy O’Dell’s Twitter (Access Hollywood host)

interviewed Adam Lambert today…wow…really impressed with new to being a public figure and so poised!
Adam Lambert tells all about his new album he’s working on, we picked out wardrobe or his Idol tour and very candid about all else.

Hmmm – new info on Adam’s album – from Ken Baker’s twitter

Found out Adam Lambert was working on songs this weekend with Lady Gaga’s producer RedOne, who did Poker Face. Definitely a glam sound…

Peter Travers (editor of RS) on Adam’s cover – from his twitter

Back in NY after LA and fun spot on Craig Ferguson who’s po’d Adam Lambert made cover of Rolling Stone. I think he earned it—how bout you?

Star Magazine : Adam’s Romantic Getaway (Scan courtesy of claysscgirl from IDF, check out the thread for other Adam in magazines scans)

Photobucket Photobucket

Extra – The Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry Story

Danny Gokey posted a silly picture 🙂 He’s good for some things … LOL
Update on tour rehearsal care of Aaron Spears’ Twitter (AI tour drummer) – I expect daily updates!

Both Adam and Alison were blazing today!!! This is going to be a great summer…Everyone is so cool…

Adam Lambert Outs Himself! Plus: His Romantic Weekend With Boyfriend

As for Adam’s love life, he’s recently gone public with his new beau, interior designer Drake LaBry. “Adam is walking on air, he’s so happy!” a friend of the singer tells Star. “Not only has he found fame on Idol, but he’s got a wonderful partner to share all his success with.”
In fact, the handsome pair even celebrated with a trip to the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, Calif. on May 29, where the top suites go for $2,700 per night! “The weekend went so perfectly,” the source tells Star, “they never wanted it to end!”

Just sneaking this in – Kris and Katy Allen getting mobbed leaving the Laker’s game

Video from Young Hollywood Awards

Young Hollywood Awards photos – click on thumbnails to expand

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Cool quote from our glittery alien prince from the YHA red carpet via louisvirtel

“When they told me I won this award, I said ‘Why me?’ I should be presenting!”

Thought this tweet was interesting –

“At Lauren Christy’s writing with Desmond Child for Adam Lambert! Amazing songs!”

“Spent the afternoon writing with Adam Lambert! Havent seen him since before idol- we’re writing a great song. Its gunna be sick ya’ll”

More pictures from Adam Lambert Saved By A Quween and yet another video with Quween (but better quality)
Imbecile stalkerazzi insists they’re having a “high speed chase at 100mph” – yeah, while stuck in traffic(!) – I’d be shocked if they were doing anything above 30, “Adam was totally weaving and faking on the road” – NOT! they were freakin’ stuck in LA traffic!

Another video of Adam at the med center

Adam Lambert: First Queen, Now Quween! – glad she mentioned the “none of that rumored “diva” behavior”
Adam Lambert: Med Center Stop
Quween Saves Another One!
– I think that Adam gets seriously freaked for the first time in this vid – maybe next time, he won’t be so friendly to the paps anymore … or go to another clinic not named “Bedford Medical Clinic”? (known as a celeb stop) – I really hate the paps for taunting him and treating him like a trained dog

5 Things to Know About Adam Lambert’s Pal Drake LaBry
TMZ – Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry – “Oh, yeah, we’re platonic”

– incidentally, here are more stalkerish videos – eating lunch – I watched a few seconds then stopped, they really just eat lunch and longer Venice video. In this one, Adam says he has no twitter.
Adam Lambert: Boyfriend Bliss – click on thumbnails to enlarge

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Leaving Guys & Dolls with Drake LaBry

Paparazzi video of Adam and Drake LaBry at Guys And Dolls (West Hollywood)

Adam Lambert Steps Out with Boyfriend
IDOL LOSER WINS SECRET LOVE – I hope Drake LaBry (the boyfriend) is ready for the paps!
– Adam fans are already doing research and uncovered a bunch of YT vids (vid 1 and vid 2 and vid 3 and his blogs old and new)

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Funny YouTube Video on Republican Homosexual Reorientation

May 5, 2009 Leave a comment

GoCheeksGo (a.k.a. Brad Bell – yup – as in “Bradam“) makes funny skits on the side. I’m not quite hip enough to appreciate all his videos (he does get a bit insane), but this skit on “Republican Reorientation” is the funniest one he has IMO – I think this one is as good as any SNL skit out there.

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Adam Lambert has always been f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s

April 11, 2009 9 comments


There’s a nice spread on Star Magazine about American Idol front-runner Adam Lambert (with his boyfriend Brad Bell a.k.a. Cheeks) being his pre-idol fabulous self. Well, to be perfectly honest, both men are pretty fab in the pictures. The rest of us mere mortals can only hope to ever have a drop of their glamour that night to hold court in that way.

by Amelia G (Check out full on-line article here)

“Even in a room full of sparkling people, Adam Lambert shines extra bright. The night we photographed him, there were actually people who were pissy that Forrest Black and I took our time with someone like Adam Lambert and didn’t just shoot any random rude person who made no effort getting into costume yet felt entitled. When we shoot at an event, or select who to book for anything, we look first and foremost for quirky, unique, larger-than-life personalities. At an event, we also focus on people who really embody the spirit of the event. So, to anyone still holding a grudge that we took extra time for people like Adam Lambert, I’d just like to point out that maybe, after this many years, we’ve got a good eye for raw stardom.”

Read more…

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