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American Idols Live! Tour – Arena at Harbor Yard (Bridgeport, CT)

September 11, 2009 1 comment

It’s DAY FORTY-EIGHT of the American Idols Season 8 Live! Tour at the Arena at Harbor Yard (Bridgeport, CT). I’m gathering all the articles/reviews/videos/interviews here. All tweets are left behind in this post. For a round-up of Tour/Album news for Adam and Kris, click here.

Fair warning : I only care about Adam/Kris/Allison…

Check back – once they are up, All PERFORMANCE VIDEOS (Adam/Kris/Allison) will be on PAGE 2. The Rest of the Top 10 will be on PAGE 3. Looks like this is one of those disappointing stops, video-wise…


TV Tirade: Ellen DeGeneres on “American Idol,” Kanye West on MTV, Jay Leno in Primetime and the End of “Guiding Light” by Ed Martin

On a side note, I caught the sold-out American Idols concert at the Harbor Yard Arena in Bridgeport, Conn., last week and was knocked out by the talent on stage … Idol winner Kris Allen was ill that evening and could not perform, though he did come out on stage to personally apologize. That made the performance by runner-up Adam Lambert the grand finale of the show. To say he didn’t disappoint would be the mother of all understatements. Lambert was electrifying – the energy he generated on stage could barely be contained in the venue, which seats 10,000. I can’t imagine how Allen or anyone else could have followed him and not appeared diminished. Lambert is a super-nova. This guy knows what it takes to be an entertainer. Maybe Idol should have signed him as the fourth judge!

Hope and Regret, Recorded and Live

KRIS ALLEN The aw-shucks winner of “American Idol” has the benefit of reasonable expectations as he tackles his major-label debut; compared to this season’s runner-up, Adam Lambert, he seems very much like the underdog. Of course he’ll be working with top producers, pitching in with some songwriting and exuding his unassuming charm. Nov. 17. 19/Jive. (N. C.)
ADAM LAMBERT Will the flamboyant runner-up of last season’s “American Idol” manage to throw a wrench in the blanding machine operated by 19, the multimedia outfit connected to the show itself? Will he opt for a different touring concept, one that includes burlesque revues and “Rocky Horror” singalongs in B-markets, amid the usual Ticketmaster shed-shows? Will he tame that outrageous falsetto? November. RCA. (B. R.)

American Idol Season 8: Exclusive Interview with Megan Joy, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Matt Giraud, and Danny Gokey – thought the info on their future plans was interesting…

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Now that the tour is wrapping up, what are your future plans?
A. Megan: I don’t have a record deal or anything but I am making music. I’m gonna start a band and I’ll just do it on my own, even if it’s just underground and my own thing.
A. Lil: For me, I have a couple of meetings after the tour is up and hopefully, I’ll be in the land of record deals and get album out. If I don’t get a whole album out by next year, I’ll definitely have a single out.
A. Scott: I am about midway through my album right now. I’ll be working on that a lot when I get off of tour. You can go to MacIntyre and hear some of what’s going on the album. There’s an EP on ITunes and Amazon, part of the album that will be coming out. I’m really excited. It’s all original music, kind of along the lines of Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer… all those singer/songwriter acts.
A. Matt: I’m going towards Jamie Cullum, James Morrison type stuff. I wanna get back to the piano. Different labels have come out to watch me. Right now, I’m just writing. We have a little keyboard in the back so I’m working on a few songs. It’s kind of crazy because there’s a lot more opportunity, now that the tour is over.
A. Danny: I start my album this month. The single should be released in November, from what I heard from the record label, and the album in March. Before the show, I only did gospel music and being on Idol helps you define who you are as an artist. As the show progressed, I figured it out and I ended up signing with a country label because I feel like that’s where I fit the most. The message, the sound… it fits me and I’m very excited about it.

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lambert Has Elton John’s Number, Talks New LP – by Ralphie Aversa (you can download the audio) – an interviewer who asks new questions!!! how rare is that…

“Hmm… the most famous contact in my phone?” Adam Lambert pondered before answering, “Elton John.”
During our conversation backstage before American Idols Live, Lambert revealed Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin is not possible songwriter for Lambert’s forthcoming LP… “I don’t know who Kevin is. That was actually a surprise to me, when I read that on MTV,” said Lambert. “We haven’t talked to him at all. He hasn’t written anything… we don’t have any of his songs.”
Lambert himself described the LP as an audio version of playing dress-up. After the Idol tour wraps up, he’ll focus on picking around 12 songs from a list of 20. Also on the docket is a photo shoot for the album – as well as a title – which Lambert says won’t be picked until the track listing is set.

The Queen of Hollywood annexes another kingdom: Ellen joins “American Idol.” by Ed Kennedy

At yesterday’s taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show, our favorite power lesbian dropped a heck of a bombshell: She’s going to be the new permanent judge on American Idol. This capped what was already a pretty gay week for Idol.
First we had news that Adam Lambert was releasing his album on November 24th…

‘Last Time’ with Adam Lambert for OK! Magazine By Elena Gorgan

The upcoming issue of OK! Magazine (out on September 14) is a must read for all Adam Lambert fans, as it comes with a few brief quotes on things the rocker did recently. However, according to a scan recently surfaced online, this won’t be all that the mag will offer fans, as Adam will also be dishing out details on his upcoming album, his impressions on the Idol Live tour, and much more.

CONCERT CAPSULE: American Idol at Wachovia Arena by Brad Patton – from Wilkes Barre

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, the most popular seems to be runner-up Adam Lambert (they screamed every time his picture came up in the promos before the show), followed closely by champion Kris Allen and third-place finisher Danny Gokey.
Allison Iraheta kicked off the second half with a good dose of rock-star attitude on Pink’s “So What” and Heart’s “Barracuda.” … Audience-favorite Lambert stirred it up with his version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and a great David Bowie medley. Allen then finished up great renditions of “Heatless” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” followed by an acoustic-guitar-driven sing-along “Hey Jude.”

DeGeneres: She’ll be honest but kind on `Idol’ By LYNN ELBER

“I know as much as anybody who goes out there and buys a record. I know what I like and I think I do know what is special and has the `it’ factor,” DeGeneres said in response, adding that she’s brought talented new artists to public attention on her talk show.
She hesitated to name her one favorite “Idol” contestant from years past, instead listing Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler.

Musicians tackle sales drop By Andrew Leahey

Speaking of covers, “American Idol” alumni Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Jason Castro will all release albums this fall, with Mr. Lambert’s record being the most anticipated of the bunch. All three singers will tackle original material, having performed other bands’ songs during their time on “Idol.” After eight seasons, the TV show desperately needs another artist on par with Kelly Clarkson and Miss Underwood, so expectations are high for the “Idol” graduates.



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