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Happy Halloween! (Trying to collect… Cameos from the American Idols!)

November 1, 2010 4 comments

Hey, hey, hey – taking a break to greet everyone who have their freak out on for Halloween!

Mind helping me out? I’m trying to collect all the photos that the Idols (and their dearests) send out of themselves in their Halloween finest. So far, Kris (& Katy) Allen have been mighty obliging, but I’m drawing a blank with a lot of idols. (Update: Adam Lambert’s pals – esp Lee Cherry! –  have obliged us with group pics at least ;)) If you’ve got a link for more photos for the idols, please leave a comment with the link, k?

Check out the hilarious photos we have so far!

Adam Lambert from this Halloween Posted using a glamtastic glamoween reunion!! :)) @tommyjoeratliff @adamla... on Twitpic
Photo by Lee Cherry
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Funny YouTube Video on Republican Homosexual Reorientation

May 5, 2009 Leave a comment

GoCheeksGo (a.k.a. Brad Bell – yup – as in “Bradam“) makes funny skits on the side. I’m not quite hip enough to appreciate all his videos (he does get a bit insane), but this skit on “Republican Reorientation” is the funniest one he has IMO – I think this one is as good as any SNL skit out there.

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Adam Lambert has always been f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s

April 11, 2009 9 comments


There’s a nice spread on Star Magazine about American Idol front-runner Adam Lambert (with his boyfriend Brad Bell a.k.a. Cheeks) being his pre-idol fabulous self. Well, to be perfectly honest, both men are pretty fab in the pictures. The rest of us mere mortals can only hope to ever have a drop of their glamour that night to hold court in that way.

by Amelia G (Check out full on-line article here)

“Even in a room full of sparkling people, Adam Lambert shines extra bright. The night we photographed him, there were actually people who were pissy that Forrest Black and I took our time with someone like Adam Lambert and didn’t just shoot any random rude person who made no effort getting into costume yet felt entitled. When we shoot at an event, or select who to book for anything, we look first and foremost for quirky, unique, larger-than-life personalities. At an event, we also focus on people who really embody the spirit of the event. So, to anyone still holding a grudge that we took extra time for people like Adam Lambert, I’d just like to point out that maybe, after this many years, we’ve got a good eye for raw stardom.”

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