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(American Idol Top 5) Clay Aiken Performs “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Video)

April 19, 2013 Leave a comment

popout: Bridge Over Troubled Water

I haven’t been watching American Idol regularly lately, but from what I’ve caught so far – Candice should win, right? I loved her ‘Straight Up’ interpretation!

Anyway, tuned in tonight to reassure myself that Candice would survive for another week, and (1) surprised to see Paula Abdul pop up, and (2) even MORE surprised to see an AI alum I never expected to see back on American Idol! Clay Aiken himself (given the acrimonious history, hell must have frozen over, right?) reprising his old fan-favorite cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Wasn’t as bombastic as I recalled, but this understated interpretation is also nice.

Welcome back, Clay 🙂


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Wow – Clay Aiken’s Boyfriend is a Cutie!

January 27, 2010 7 comments

Clay Aiken and Reed Kelly

You may remember American Idol Season 2’s runner-up who eventually came out of the closet? Well, boy has got himself a cutie of a boyfriend. How’d he catch him? Apparently, the boyfriend’s name is Reed Kelly – and IMO he’s really hot! Love the sparkly eyes! He also looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal, y/y? No wonder Clay Aiken looks so smug – lol.

More photos via ontd:

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What Happened to Clay Aiken’s Voice?

October 20, 2009 15 comments

Clay Aiken recently held a mini-concert for the NIP 2009 Gala in Raleigh NC, and some of the fan-taken videos were uploaded to YouTube. Maybe the fans shouldn’t have done that, since Clay sounds terrible.

Here he is singing “As Long As We’re Here” and it is truly painful to listen to this. What happened to Clay? Did he have a cold or something? Does he smoke? He was barely in tune in many, many parts and was horrendous at the 1 min or so mark (strained and off key, to boot!).

I also remember watching Clay singing a part of “Moon River” a long, long time ago for some ABC interview on him, and wishing to hear the whole thing. Well, be careful what you wish for – Clay sings ‘Moon River’ and while he sounds better here, his voice is pretty unsteady still. What happened to his pipes of steel?

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Just Sharing the Cuteness of Baby Aiken …

May 5, 2009 Leave a comment

(thanks to LaStupenda from IDF for the tip)

Wow – who knew Clay Aiken had such good genes?

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