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Introducing the All-New Kindle Paperwhite (from $119!)

September 4, 2013 Leave a comment

All-New Kindle Paperwhite

Hmm… so Amazon just posted without much fanfare the latest edition in the Kindle family! It’s the All-New Kindle Paperwhite (and prices still start from $119!)

So, who’s ready to pre-order this new toy?


  • Whiter Screen, Darker Text
  • 25% faster processor
  • new Page Flip feature
  • Improved Smart Lookup feature
  • Words looked up in the dictionary are automatically added to Vocabulary Builder
  • In-line Footnotes

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Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute by Maggie Groff is FREE! (Kindle Australia Only)

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Note: Only FREE for those in Australia!

Mad Men, Bad Girls by Maggie Groff

Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute‘ by Maggie Groff (Macmillan Australia) is available for FREE download on Kindle if you are registered in Australia. *The US Kindle edition is $13.49!

Book Description

When a secretive American cult moves to the Gold Coast, freelance journalist Scout Davis’s investigative antennae start quivering. She sets out to expose the cult’s lunatic beliefs and bizarre practices, but when she learns the identity of a recent recruit, her quest becomes personal. And dangerous.

The cult isn’t the only case on Scout’s agenda. Someone is cutting up girls’ underwear at an exclusive school and Scout agrees to look into it. And the sinister secret behind the vandalism is not nice. Not at all.

But Scout has her secrets too. In the dead of night she sneaks out with an underground group of yarn bombers to decorate the locality with artworks. The next mission ticks all the right boxes – it’s risky, difficult and extremely silly. However, not everyone is amused, and Scout has a sneaking suspicion that the local police sergeant, Rafe Kelly, is hot on her tail.

Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute is frequently hilarious, always surprising, and delivered with a strong cast of charmingly eccentric characters.


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Wanna See the New Kindle in Action?

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment


Stuff Magazine managed to get their hands on the new Kindle – and have the video to prove it! If you’re still vacillating on whether to take the eReader plunge or not, I highly recommend that you take a look at this. The new Pearl screen looks really good! And the webkit browser looks pretty cool, too. Imagine all the free browsing you can do (especially with the lifetime free 3G version). Although I still say it’s not that difficult to find a free WiFi hotspot these days.

If you try to order the WiFi Only Kindle 3 ($139) or the WiFi + Free 3G Kindle 3 ($189), you’ll notice that you’ll be on the waiting list. Yeah, the first batch has sold out! Amazing!

(p.s. Check this out to get a WiFi Kindle for $99! or the UK version for £94!)

Update: Amazon just released two word games for the Kindle, so check them out – Shuffled Row and Every Word!


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Does the $139 Kindle Hit the Sweet Spot for You?

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment


My mom is kind of pissed off right now. She’d bought that nice refurbished Kindle 2 for $139, and now Amazon announces a smaller, lighter Kindle 3 with a better screen and better battery life! Plus, has a nifty leather cover with built-in light accessory. Ah, technology! Once you buy something, expect something better (and more reasonably priced) just right around the corner. (*I did not let my mom know about the $109 refurbished Kindle 2 that came and went a while back right after she’d bought hers.)

I had to remind her that unlike her Kindle 2 with lifetime free 3G, the really cheap $139 Kindle 3 just has WiFi. No 3G, unlike with her Kindle 2 so she still had access to her e-mail when the power went out that time during the big the storm or when she got stuck in traffic. Only the new $189 Kindle 3 has both WiFi and lifetime free 3G. And for my mom, her ‘magic price’ was $140, nothing more than that.

Well, of course, there was nothing I could say about the smaller, lighter, better screen, better battery life part 😉

My sister’s suggestion is to just give her the refurbished Kindle 2 as a hand-me-down, and then mom can go buy the Kindle 3 (sis is willing to throw in the extra $50). Why? My sister hates the extra fee she pays for her iPad’s 3G access, and she’s looking if she can just turn her iPad into WiFi only and just read on Mom’s refurbished Kindle 2.

Seems like a good compromise to me. Personally, I’m not replacing my old Kindle 1 (which by the way cost me more than all these new-fangled Kindles!) until it finally decides to go on to Kindle heaven. But as long as it’s running well, I’m happy. I’m not really particular with screens, as I can read just as happily on my tiny iPod Touch screen or even the teeny-tiny Nokia N70 screen. My magic price to upgrade is $99, and maybe that’ll happen next year maybe?

But that makes me wonder about the $50 difference between the WiFi only Kindle versus the WiFi + 3G Kindle. My sister thinks that paying extra $50 for lifetime free 3G access anywhere in the world is worth it (she’s still pissed off that she had to pay for 3G on her iPad). Is it worth it to you? I’m not sure (but I’m not saying this to mom, as I had to defend 3G ferociously to her to make her feel better) – I mean – free WiFi is everywhere these days – as long as there’s a Starbucks /McDonalds right around the corner, you have free WiFi, plus the AT&T WiFi hotspots will also be free – maybe the 3G isn’t really that important?

Update: Mom actually went online to research Kindle 3 some more, and when she found out that it supports Chinese characters, well, that sealed the deal for her. Dad will be pre-ordering it asap!

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Choosing the Right Handheld eBook Reader

July 3, 2010 Leave a comment


Well, I would guess that it’s been hard to be on the fence lately when it comes to buying a handheld eBook Reader, what with the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Borders supported Kobo and the Sony eReaders slashing their prices. And those are just the ones I know about – maybe the smaller eBook Reader companies have also slashed their prices?

Kindle 2 (Amazon.Com)

For my family, the choice is pretty easy. We are what you might call a Kindle family. When my mom decided that it was time for her to join in the eReader craze, she plunked down $139.99 for a refurbished Kindle 2. I’m not saying that the Amazon Kindle is the best eBook Reader out there, but it works for us. Yes, you get tied into Amazon’s proprietary DRMed Kindle format, but that’s okay for us since 1) we all share the same account, and 2) Amazon has made the Kindle software available on virtually every gadget we own.

What does this mean? Amazon allows you to register any number of Kindle devices to the same account, the only limit is that (due to copyright issues), the same eBook cannot simultaneously be re-downloaded onto more than 6 devices. Therefore, when my dad bought a copy of The Passage: A Novel by Justin Cronin for his Kindle DX, that meant that if we wished, my brother could also read it on his iPhone, I could read it on my Kindle 1 or iTouch and my sister could read it on her iPad. Or any of us could read it on the PC or a Mac or even an Android phone. Which is pretty much the same as buying one hard cover book and then passing it around to family members afterwards. (P.S. I’m still reading The Passage, but I am already highly recommending it!) Yes, in a perfect world, the Kindle would have native support for the ePub format, but I know how to convert eBooks from one format to another anyway so it’s no biggie for me.

Graphite Kindle DX (Amazon.Com)

We (meaning the ‘kids’) have no problem reading on LCD screens (heck, believe it or not, I’ve read entire books on my tiny Nokia N70 mobile phone screen!), but my dad really appreciated the e-ink screen, and he’s actually thinking of ordering the new Graphite Kindle DX since he’s read that it has a 50% better screen (called a ‘pearl’ screen). Needless to say, I’m encouraging him since I’d like to upgrade to his Kindle DX 😉 But I think what sold the Kindle to my dad initially was when he got the audio CD of Stephen King’s UR. For those unfamiliar with this novella, it’s a tale of a professor who buys a Kindle (and yes I know this sounds like a Kindle advertising gimmick, which I guess it was), but since this is Stephen King – this is no ordinary Kindle, the professor discovers an UR option that allows him to read eBooks from parallel dimensions. Anyway, I digress – what won my dad over was the ease of use of the Kindle that the book’s professor demonstrated – just take it out of the box, turn it on, buy the books and start reading (while charging very rarely). No messing around with the computer or cables or figuring how to do this or that.

Now, you may have different needs, so a Kindle may not be the best thing for you. For example, my sister reads a lot of scanned PDF Technical books that are in color. The Kindle can’t deal with that as well as her iPad. Or you may prefer to borrow all your eBooks from the library. In that case, it’s better for you to buy a Nook or a Sony Reader since they have native library book support. I myself used to borrow a lot of books from the NYPL, but although the NYPL has a pretty good eBook catalog, they only lend out 1 copy at a time (so I started to just buy eBooks).

Anyway, whatever your choice in the end, just remember the main point of the eReader, you gotta start reading those books! (ETA : If you want a quick overview of virtually ALL the readers out there, check out this Wiki Ebook Reader Matrix page!)


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