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Adam Lambert’s GlamNation Tour Stop#45 & 46- Capitol Center for the Arts (Concord, NH) and Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel (Providence, RI)

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment


It’s back to the GlamNation tour for Adam Lambert and his glamily! After successful stops for Music Fest and the International Balloon Festival of St. Jean, it was now time for stop #45 at the Capitol Center for the Arts (Concord, NH). I’m adding stop #46 at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel (Providence, RI) since there was hardly any vids from Concord. Besides, tons of stuff happened at the Lupo’s stop, which prompted Adam to tweet this “TongueDiving is the new StageDiving. Get Into It“.

Adam’s set list : Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked and Aftermath, Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, Broken Open, If I Had You and Mad World (Encore) and Whole Lotta Love (Encore) and 20th Century Boy (Encore).

Lots and lots of kissing, peeps! There was an extra-hot full-on make-out session with Tommy during IIHY AND based on the tweets – Adam jumped into the front row and kissed fans – 2 dudes and a dudette (this video was taken by the girl he kissed & here’s a slowed down gif of Adam on the prowl)! And apparently Adam allowed fans to grope him during Fever & 20th Century Boy, complete with vest ripping. Really got close and personal with the front row. Well, guess Adam is redefining ‘family friendly’ right now! lol – as in very, very friendly!

For those unfamiliar with 20th Century Boy, the original is by T-Rex, and it was covered by Placebo for the movie “Velvet Goldmine”.

Thanks to the lovely fans who got video! (moonbeatle, nhlulala, suz526, antisocialxgrl, Grrrrgirl1, AHetaFan – has almost complete set from Lupo!) Be sure to bookmark this post as I’ll update it with media periodically! Check out the Virgin Radio 96 “Adam Lambert chats with Cousin Vinny“; Vevo also inaugurated their Playlist Week with Adam introducing some videos! (If you are scorned by Vevo, DL link for Adam’s vids!); Adam also recorded an interview with NPR but no idea when it will be released; 105.5 JYY Interview (YouTube); MusiquePlus Part 1 and Part 2, plus extra bit, interview with Adam; WAEB (B104) M&G & interview; Q102’s Brian Douglas backstage with Adam; Up Close and Personal with STAR 101.5’s Curt & Corine.

* As per usual, Adam’s tweet ended making the internet entertainment news rounds: PopEater, OK Magazine, Neonlimelight, Socialitelife, MuchMusic, CNN Blog, Zap2It, Herald Sun and MyFoxBoston.

Check out some pics from the concert on this tweetphoto gallery and the Providence Journal. Pre-Lupo concert pics from 92 ProFM and this twitpic account!

** Check out the new cover art and tracks for Adam’s US release of the If I Had You Remixed EP ($3.99) – out on iTunes next week! If you want a CD with ALL the bonus tracks, order the 18-track For Your Entertainment (EU Edition)! And lastly, have you checked out the new Adam merchandise on his Official Store? **


Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/ Ring of Fire Medley (Concord, NH)

Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/ Ring of Fire Medley (Providence, RI)

Down the Rabbit Hole/ Ring of Fire Medley (Providence, RI)

Fever (Concord, NH)

Fever (Providence, RI)

Sleepwalker (Providence, RI)

WWFM (Providence, RI)

Soaked (Providence, RI)

Aftermath (Providence, RI)

Sure Fire Winners (Concord, NH)

Sure Fire Winners (Providence, RI)

Strut (Providence, RI)

Music Again (Providence, RI)

If I Had You (Providence, RI)

20th Century Boy (Encore) (Concord, NH)

Mad World + 20th Century Boy (Encore) (Providence, RI)

20th Century Boy (Encore) (Providence, RI) -> This blog has another video with a different angle


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American Idols Live! Tour – Dunkin’ Donuts Center (Providence, RI)

September 14, 2009 2 comments

It’s DAY FIFTY of the American Idols Season 8 Live! Tour at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center (Providence, RI). I’m gathering all the articles/reviews/videos/interviews here. All tweets are left behind in this post. For a round-up of Tour/Album news for Adam and Kris, click here.

Fair warning : I only care about Adam/Kris/Allison…

Check back – once they are up, All PERFORMANCE VIDEOS (Adam/Kris/Allison) will be on PAGE 2. The Rest of the Top 10 will be on PAGE 3. There were some late interviews that were posted from Portland, so click here to check if you missed any.


Tubey Awards Winners Announced

Who is your favorite Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender personality on TV? Adam Lambert (54%)
For a full list of all 80 categories winners, visit TelevisionWithout Pity/Tubeys.

Are Gays Helping Make Your Brand Hot (or Not)? by Simon Dumenco (Q&A With Out’s Aaron Hicklin with Adam mention…)

Simon Dumenco: Before we talk about your magazine, first tell me about your September cover girl, Lady Gaga. Give me a quick take on why she matters to the culture at large right now, and why she blew up so big so quickly. I mean, I get her appeal to gays — she seems up on her queer-pop studies, from Freddie Mercury [her stage name is inspired, in fact, by Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga”] to glam-rock-era Bowie — but why is she connecting so powerfully as a mainstream phenomenon?
Aaron Hicklin: One of the things that’s really interested me since I came to Out is to document that space where mainstream and gay sensibilities converge, and Lady Gaga really seems to have worked it out — and not just in Europe where, for example, the Scissor Sisters achieved much the same thing, but in the U.S., where it’s traditionally a much harder feat to pull off. Plus she’s worked out that there’s no such thing as overexposure. That’s why the Madonna comparison seems so apt. What they both share is huge ambition, a ridiculous work ethic and talent. Pop was feeling tedious and predictable, and in the course of the summer Gaga made it glamorous and kinky. Who doesn’t want that?
Dumenco: I don’t know, maybe the people who voted for Kris Allen instead of Adam Lambert on “American Idol”?
Hicklin: Talking of which, I heard that it’s all very egalitarian at Adam Lambert concerts: The girls throw their underwear at him, the gay boys throw their Calvins. If that’s not a reflection of a major cultural shift, I don’t know what is.
Dumenco: [laughter] I see your point. Anyway, do you happen to remember who was on the very first Out cover?

Rappers, Singers Unite to Bash Kanye (TMZ)

We got Pitbull last night after the show, where he called Kanye a “f**king disrespectful motherf**ker” — and he’s not alone. Just check out these Twitter updates.
Adam Lambert: Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain’t that deep man.

Adam’s little tweet has also been quoted in the ff: Kings of Leon, Perry mock West VMA rant/ Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry Lash Out at Kanye for Outburst/ Backlash against Kayne’s VMA stunt comes from far and wide / Celebrities Tweet Universal Hatred for Kanye West, Support of Taylor Swift/ Celebs Tweet Reactions to Kanye West’s Outburst/ Adam Lambert, Donald Trump, Joe Jackson Slam Kanye West’s VMA Stunt

Lambert, Allen star in Idol concert BY RICK MASSIMO

… Lambert, who was greeted by frenzied screams even during his appearances on pre-show video clips, threw down the gauntlet by tearing into Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” with vocal power and stage presence to spare. Through the over-the-top emotionalism of Muse’s “Starlight” and especially a Bowie medley, the androgyny and ambiguity that were his trademark on the TV show translated easily to the stage (though a disco-fied “Let’s Dance” didn’t really hit). He rendered nearly all previous contenders’ attempts at regular guy-ism and girl-ism quaint (save Allison Iraheta, who worked in a similarly high-drama manner and came back to share the stage with Lambert on “Slow Ride”).
Then came Allen, who started by accompanying himself on acoustic guitar (this was the first season competitors were allowed to do so on the TV show) for the nondescript rock ballad “Heartless.” The conventionality and versatility of his strong, deep voice is clearly the reason he won — the way he cut through “All These Things That I’ve Done” and “Bright Lights” were clear examples, and his guitar solo on the latter kicked the whole thing up a notch — but the weaknesses of the concert format, with the singer in front and everyone else in the shadows, didn’t serve him. He did show a relaxed but insistent stage presence on the closing “Hey Jude,” though.
… it was clear the cream of the crop had risen to the top, as Allison Iraheta (plus guitar) opened the second half by tearing through the rockers “So What” and “Barracuda,” with the ballad “Cry Baby” in the middle.


Adam with fans


Check out this Flickr gallery! and photobucket gallery! Facebook gallery! Fan recap 1 and recap 2 with embedded photos.

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Adam and Allison. Aww. on Twitpic Adam...providence on Twitpic Allison...Fierce! on Twitpic
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