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Check Out 30-sec Previews of Songs from GLEE ‘Grilled Cheesus’ Episode!

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh, basing on this preview of the upcoming episode, things are going to be a mix of the ludicrous (Finn’s Jesus sandwich) and emotional (Kurt’s dad in the hospital!).

Here’s 30-sec previews of the songs featured on the show: Only the Good Die Young (Puck/Mark Salling sounds great!), Bridge Over Troubled Water (a bit too histrionic for my taste), One of Us, Papa Can You Hear Me (Rachel/Lea Michele giving me chills as usual) and I Look to You (Mercedes has a solo! Yes!). But wait, I thought that Kurt/Chris Colfer was singing I Want to Hold Your Hand? Why isn’t that in the preview? boo!

Can’t wait to hear more than just samples!

P.S. Do GLEE fans know that there’s actually a GLEE book out? Glee: The Beginning: An Original Novel by Sophia Lowell focuses on the time right before we met up with our fave GLEE characters on Season 1. It’s overpriced for me at $8.99 though, especially since not all the reviews are great.

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Book Review – The Wee Free Men (Discworld: A Tiffany Aching Adventure) by Terry Pratchett

September 29, 2010 3 comments

Book Description:

Armed only with a frying pan and her common sense, Tiffany Aching, a young witch-to-be, is all that stands between the monsters of Fairyland and the warm, green Chalk country that is her home. Forced into Fairyland to seek her kidnaped brother, Tiffany allies herself with the Chalk’s local Nac Mac Feegle — aka the Wee Free Men — a clan of sheep-stealing, sword-wielding, six-inch-high blue men who are as fierce as they are funny. Together they battle through an eerie and ever-shifting landscape, fighting brutal flying fairies, dream-spinning dromes, and grimhounds — black dogs with eyes of fire and teeth of razors — before ultimately confronting the Queen of the Elves, absolute ruler of a world in which reality intertwines with nightmare. And in the final showdown, Tiffany must face her cruel power alone….

In a riveting narrative that is equal parts suspense and humor, Carnegie Medalist Terry Pratchett returns to his internationally popular Discworld with a breathtaking tale certain to leave fans, new and old, enthralled.

I wanted to read Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld book “I Shall Wear Midnight“, but then I found out that it was the fourth book in the YA-oriented Discworld: A Tiffany Aching Adventure series. Well, unfortunately, even though I’d practically read every Discworld novel out there, I’d kinda skipped on all the YA ones. Now, since I’m OC about things like reading all the books before in a series, I’m stuck reading all the prior books.

Book #1 is titled The Wee Free Men and it stars the very spunky nine-year-old dairymaid (and also maybe Witch-in-training) Tiffany Aching. Tiffany has made it her self-imposed mission to rescue her (actually really annoying) baby brother Wentworth from the clutches of an evil Faerie Queen. And she’s armed only with her wits, determination, a frying pan, a talking toad and the sheep-disease manual of her dearly departed Granny Aching (who may/may not have been a Witch), and oh yes, she also has an entire army of tiny rough-talking war-mongering Nac Mac Feegles (or the titular Wee Free Men) on her side. The evil Faerie Queen won’t know what hits her, right?

Now, I don’t know why I ever skipped the YA division of the Discworld series of books. But I’m damned glad I decided to read this. Tiffany Aching is who I wish I was when I was nine, she’s like the younger version of Mistress Weatherwax (my absolutely favorite witch in the Discworld series). Tiffany knows exactly who she is and what she wants to do in life, and that’s a lot for a nine-year-old kid. She’s a bit of a know-it-all and bossy besides, but I kinda always wanted to be like that 😉 Besides she kinda needed to have that personality in order to keep the little Wee Free Men (who love their alcohol a wee bit too much) in line, as she battles with the Faerie Queen on the Queen’s turf.

And what a turf it is – it’s partly the snow-covered kingdom of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” but it’s been Pratchett-ized so it’s like this nebulous and half-formed re-imagination of people’s most warped dreams and terrifying nightmares where things are half-real and half-dreams. There are monsters and challenges a-plenty for Tiffany, and there are many, many times when you will think that the Queen has won. Still, as with all the Discworld books, the action/suspense is mixed liberally with a generous helping of laugh-out-loud humor. Tiffany acts like the straight character in a movie where everyone else is a little over-the-top and ridiculous. I loved the Wee Free Men, even though it took me a little time to get used to their weird way of speaking (like Irish or Scottish?).

If I have any criticisms, it would be the frequent flashbacks with Tiffany’s Granny Aching, which while they explained a lot, also took the reader out of the story. It was okay, for one or two times, but there seemed to be a whole lot of reminiscence going on.

All in all though, I was wholly entertained with this book (it’s a fun and funny story!), and I highly recommend this one to both the young and old. I have a lot of respect for the young heroine, especially in her final showdown with the Elf Queen with a lot more than her little brother at stake. And I am so totally pumped to read book #2 in the series A Hat Full of Sky next!

The Wee Free Men (Discworld: A Tiffany Aching Adventure) by Terry Pratchett is available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition ($6.99) and a Mass Market Paperback ($6.99).

You can also get the book at Barnes & Noble for the same price.

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More Free eBooks from Barnes & Noble (Now also free for the Kindle!)

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Okay, maybe I should stop ribbing Barnes & Noble about just having one free eBook a week. They’ve released two more (aside from the one I posted about earlier) – young romance and a father-son story. So hey, Nook owners (or those with Nook apps on their PC/mobile devices), check out more freebies for you!

According To Jane‘ by Marilyn Brant is available for FREE download on the Barnes & Noble site (the Kindle version would have cost you $8.79 is now FREE!). Just click here to download!

Book Description:

In Marilyn Brant’s smart, wildly inventive debut, one woman in search of herself receives advice from the ultimate expert in matters of the heart. . .

It begins one day in sophomore English class, just as Ellie Barnett’s teacher is assigning Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. From nowhere comes a quiet “tsk” of displeasure. The target: Sam Blaine, the cute bad boy who’s teasing Ellie mercilessly, just as he has since kindergarten. Entirely unbidden, as Jane might say, the author’s ghost has taken up residence in Ellie’s mind, and seems determined to stay there.

Jane’s wise and witty advice guides Ellie through the hell of adolescence and beyond, serving as the voice she trusts, usually far more than her own. Years and boyfriends come and go–sometimes a little too quickly, sometimes not nearly fast enough. But Jane’s counsel is constant, and on the subject of Sam, quite insistent. Stay away, Jane demands. He is your Mr. Wickham.

Still, everyone has something to learn about love–perhaps even Jane herself. And lately, the voice in Ellie’s head is being drowned out by another, urging her to look beyond everything she thought she knew and seek out her very own, very unexpected, happy ending. . .


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Click on the next page for the next free book!

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FREE eBook – Elvis and The Dearly Departed by Peggy Webb

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, hey Nook owners (or those with Nook apps on their PC/mobile devices)! Even though it’s not Free Fridays yet, there’s a free ebook out! It’s a mystery featuring a lady sleuth.

Elvis and The Dearly Departed (A Southern Cousins Mystery)‘ by Peggy Webb is available for FREE download on the Barnes & Noble site (the Kindle version would have cost you $4.47 is also FREE!). Just click here to download!

Book Description:

They say you can’t get to Heaven without passing through the Eternal Rest Funeral Home. And no one gets into Eternal Rest without passing muster with Elvis – the basset hound who’s convinced he’s the reincarnation of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Brewing up a big ol’ pitcher of Mississippi mystery, Peggy Webb’s delightful new series is as intoxicating as the Delta breeze.

Normally, Callie Valentine Jones spends her days fixing up the hairdos of the dead, but when the corpse of local, prominent physician Dr. Leonard Laton goes missing, it’s bad for business. So Callie and her cousin Lovie (Eternal Rest’s resident wake caterer) have no choice but to go in hot pursuit of the recently embalmed, last seen bound for Vegas by way of downtown Tupelo.

In Vegas, Callie and Lovie hit the jackpot when they find the dearly departed inside a freezer owned by his showgirl mistress, Bubble Malone. But their luck runs out when Bubble decides to join her man in the afterlife. With the poisonous Laton family tree providing plenty of rotten suspects, Callie, along with some help from her basset hound, Elvis, is determined to crack this case-and have a killer singing “Jailhouse Rock” in time for her next haircutting appointment. . .

Pure southern lunacy of the best possible kind.” – Laurien Berenson

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FREE eBooks from the Sony Reader Store!

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey, the Sony Reader store has graced us with two freebies! One is a new one in freebies – a manga comic! and the other one is an ‘inspirational’ book… Take note that the eBooks will be in ADE ePub format, so any ADE ePub reader can access it in case you don’t have the Sony Reader or the Sony PC app.

Daniel and Daughter‘ by Mayu Takayama (and Lucy Gordon) is available for download on the Sony Reader site. Just click here to download! It’s the comic book/manga adaptation of Lucy Gordon’s novel. (Update: As of right now Sept 29 1AM EDT, it’s no longer free, sorry if you missed it!)

Book Description:

When she was 16, photographer Lee went to Gretna Green, the Elopement Capital of Scotland, where she could get married without her parents’ consent. However, she soon divorces, taking her daughter with her. She has had enough of men, but 13 years later, she meets Daniel, who tries everything in his power to seduce her.

Meanwhile, Lee’s brother is in a passionate relationship with Daniel’s daughter. The two lovers decide to elope to Gretna Green just as Lee did all those years ago. Lee chases after them with a bitter feeling in her heart…


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Check out the other freebie on the next page!

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FREE eCookBook – The Celebrity Pasta Lovers’ Cookbook

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This is very cool – download the FREE eCookbook “The Celebrity Pasta Lovers’ Cookbook” (in PDF) AND “Barilla will donate $1 to Meals On Wheels Association of America, up to $150,000.”

When you say yes to meaningful meals by clicking “Yes, I do!” above, you’ll be able to download our new limited edition cookbook featuring exclusive Mario Batali recipes, inspired by the favorite dishes of Julianne Moore, Jimmy Fallon, Meryl Streep, and more! Available through October 15th.

Head on to the Barilla’s website to get the freebie! Click on the right side where it has a picture of Chef Mario Batali and it says “The Celebrity Pasta Lover’s Cookbook.” That will direct you to this page where you can download the PDF file (DL link)


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More FREE eBooks from Books on Board!

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

If you remember, I posted about freebies from Books on Board last week, and looks like they’re going to do it weekly (maybe) because they have another group of freebies this week! It’s a mixed bag of freebies, so hopefully, one of them hits a target!

List of freebies:

  1. A Deadly Deception, by JP Bowie (Mystery/GLBT)
  2. Mountain Mystery, Fairfax Miasma by Robert L Skidmore (Mystery)
  3. Dormant Enhancement by Jack Richards (SciFi/ FutureFic)
  4. The Cosmic Cancer by David Louis Sussman (NonFiction)
  5. The Primordial Flame by Christopher L. Anderson (Fantasy)
  6. Scaedrein Infiltration (Scaedein Series #1) by Puppet (SciFi)
  7. The Fourth Finger by Latifat Balogun (Women’s Fiction)
  8. Cleats of the Counter Revolution by Christ Kennedy (Historical)
  9. Tongue Tied (Donald Strachey Mystery #08) by Richard Stevenson (Mystery/GLBT)
  10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Out of the books, the SciFi ‘Dormant Enhancement’ by Jack Richards seems to be most interesting about all 12 year old kids being enrolled in a brain-washing program.

You can check out all the freebies HERE!

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Adam Lambert in Singapore! (Formula 1 Singtel Grand Prix)

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Update: I guess I’m just adding the Show # 2 vids here, since there isn’t much out there. Maybe it’s because Show#2 was priced so that a more VIP (than GA) crowd watched the shows. Adam performed late in the afternoon (before 6) this time (it was very hot, so Adam had to try to keep cool), and it was a shortened set to give way to the race, so Adam didn’t have an encore / costume changes / also no Music Again (?). Check out the short but glowing review from an F1 fan who didn’t really know about Adam. Here’s a Channel News Asia report on F1.

Adam Lambert with his glamily is now off for his International GlamNation Tour! Now, technically, the 2 night stops in Singapore isn’t really GNT, instead, Adam is part of the (world class) entertainment lined up by organizers for the Formula 1 Singtel Grand Prix (Daughtry’s also there). The Singaporean fans are waaay organized, check out the Singapore Glambert’s blog for updates while in Singapore. And here’s video of Adam’s arrival at the airport (YouTube)! Adam also tweeted 🙂 The next day was pretty packed for him (Soundcheck in AM, press conference plus a Sony M&G in the PM, AdamLambertfans VIP M&G in the evening, then live performance at 11:30PM! All done with a smile!)

Adam’s set list : Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked and Aftermath, Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, Broken Open, If I Had You and Mad World (Encore) and Whole Lotta Love (Encore) and 20th Century Boy (Encore). *This blog pretty much summarizes the night! And here’s part of an Pg 17, Straits Times, Home section article tweeted by a fan – it says “Flamboyant glam rocker steals show”. (here’s the article)

Contents inside Adam Lambert's GLAM BOX set.. including ... on Twitpic

Thanks to the lovely Singaporean fans who got video & pics. (Show#1: VJSkratch has the whole set, alittleinsincerity has HD!, acmarquez1, violetglitz, jethron5000, MelodicGlambertPiano, avrilOOlavigneOOfan, mdjasrie, a bunch of other fans put up partials – superadrianme1, themonstersunite, lkrist) and (Show#2: GlambertHikari, sevenup0078, lfclxy) Be sure to bookmark this post as I’ll update it with media periodically!

Interviews: This blog covers Adam’s press conference plus pics, also from Razor TV! The Today Online Car Blog Interview with Adam; Singapore Staits Times Razor TV interview (video); XIN MSN print article on Adam “Adam Lambert livin’ it up with glitz, glitter, glamour and leather”; Another report about the press conference at Spin or Bin Music. Radio913: Adam lambert Press Conference (Facebook Video!); Interview by New Zealand’s ZM online (YouTube);

Pics: Adam with his Platinum Record certification in Singapore; Press conference pics (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Concert pics! On facebook. Plixi gallery. Twitpic gallery. AP Yahoo. Check out this Flickr gallery for really good pics from the concert! This blog also has tons of pics! More pics here! More concert pics from show#2 on this facebook account! New pics in this Flickr gallery!

Scans: Adam in the Weekend Journal Asia (Part 1, Part 2); another scan of a newspaper report on Adam’s arrival; Review: Flamboyant Rocker Steals Show (pic); Check out the Straits Times combined review for the concerts – 30K watched Adam! (scan)!

P.S. Do you want to get to know Adam’s band a bit more? Check out their video on what they do on their days off on AdamOfficial (YouTube). And if you’re wondering where Adam is – rumor is he’s in Bali with his crew (his gift to his glamily, all expenses paid vaca!)

** Well, did you know about the FYE Glam Box Set – here’s scans of the set – it can be pre-ordered via Amazon / CDWow right now! Check out the If I Had You Remixed EP ($3.99) now out on iTunes AND Amazon! If you want a CD with ALL the bonus tracks, order the 18-track For Your Entertainment (EU Edition)! And have you checked out all the Adam merchandise on his Official Store lately? AND be sure to register at Adam’s new fan club page! **


FYE Intro


Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole Medley

Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/Ring of Fire Medley

Ring of Fire


Fever (Show#2)



WWFM (Show#2)


Soaked (Show#2)


Aftermath (Show#2)

Sure Fire Winners


Music Again

Band Intro

If I Had You

Mad World (Encore)


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